Forging links at home and abroad

Chulalongkorn University officially became Thailand's first university in 1916, although its history stretches back several more years. Over three-quarters of a century it has developed into a truly modern and comprehensive university, Thailand's first in every respect. Its sixteen faculties cover all disciplines, from science and technology to the humanities and social sciences, along with three colleges, ten research institutes and other supporting institutes.

Popularly known as Chula, the University has 20,000 students preparing for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees, and 2,500 full-time faculty members. Chula receives 60% of its funding from government, 30% from property management and the remainder from academic fees.

An extensive communication network, "Chulanet", has been installed, with a campus-wide on-line computer system. This interconnects with "Chulalinet", the library network which also provides international links via "Internet". The University is active in forging links with the private sector, both domestically and internationally. Chula Unisearch was established to serve as a channel through which commercial and industrial interests may tap the University's intellectual resources, to mutual and public benefit.

Cooperation with the private sector has also resulted in joint research, business joint ventures, the establishment of an R&D laboratory and the "High-Tech Square Project", patterned on the concept of a fully automated office and building with a modern communication network. C.U. High-Tech Square will provide academic and private sector interface and will be managed on a commercial basis.

In recent years, increased collaboration with educational institutions and other organizations outside Thailand has led to an ever-growing number of agreements, currently with more than fifty institutions covering nearly all the world. The University is hosting an increasing number of international conferences and is planning "Hightech '95", a major event focusing on new and future technologies. "Hightech '95" will be held in Bangkok in December 1995 and will comprise a major conference, an exhibition and workshops, bringing together inventors and private companies to develop a future generation of consumer products. Chula is also setting up more international programs, ranging from short training courses to full degree programs which are taught in English and open to non-Thai nationals. Chula is particularly proud of "Perspectives on Thailand", a unique four-week course in the Thai language, history, politics, economics and culture, offered twice yearly to foreign students.

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, in collaboration with two American universities, has proved to be another of Chula's international success stories, while the Petroleum and Petrochemical College, with three other American institutes, also offers a graduate program in Petroleum Engineering and Polymer Science. Other colleges and faculties, such as the College of Public Health and the Faculty of Economics (Health Economics), also offer degree courses to foreign students.

Chulalongkorn University has the facilities to accommodate foreign students and faculty staff on its city-center campus.

Chulalongkorn University invites international participation through educational exchange and commercial joint ventures.

C.U. High-Tech Square Project

The Siam Techno City Company Limited was formed as a joint venture between the Thai Farmers Bank group and the Japan International Development Organization (JIDO) to develop a block of Chulalongkorn University land. Symbolising the advance in new technology in Thailand, this development will consist of a high-tech office building where the University and industry will meet.

The building itself, designed to make the most efficient use of its space and modern communication system, will function as a center for the academic resources of Chulalongkorn University. Businesses and investors from around the world will be invited to establish operations at C.U. High-Tech Square in mutually beneficial ventures facilitating the transfer of technology.

Due for completion in 1997, C.U. High-Tech Square has a project value of 7,000 million Baht (US$ 280 million) and will consist of two forty-story buildings with a large connecting area.

An intelligent office building system comprising three components -- a telecommunication system, an office automation system and a building automation system -- will work to provide an optimal environment for users and equipment.

An "enhanced man-machine interface" will be incorporated into the office block to provide the highest standard of facilities to tenants.

The Petroleum and Petrochemical College

The Petroleum and Petrochemical College is another example of the University's on-going pursuit of academic excellence, particularly in areas relevant to the needs of Thai society. Established in 1988, the Petroleum and Petrochemical College arose in response to the rapidly growing demand for highly qualified technical manpower in our booming petrochemical and polymer industries.

To ensure the College's programs are of high international standard, it has entered into an academic partnership with three engineering colleges: University of Oklahoma, University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University. In 1993, it introduced Master's degree programs in Petrochemical Technology and Polymer Science. The joint venture has been awarded a USAID University Development Linkage Project (UDLP) grant of one million US dollars for a five-year period.

The medium for instruction and research in the graduate programs is English. The College laboratories will be among the most well equipped for teaching, research and for industrial service due to generous support from the Royal Thai Government. Applications are welcome from overseas students.

Chula Unisearch

Chula Unisearch was established at Chulalongkorn University in 1986 to facilitate access to the research and innovation of the university and its scholars.

Services are offered in: research and consultancy, technology development, human resource development and software system design. It aims to serve as a springboard for foreign investment and it is actively seeking commercial cooperation with foreign institutions in joint ventures, focusing on the application of new technology to increase productivity. Chula Unisearch is already a partner in two private international joint-venture companies operating in the areas of quality assurance and software.

Furthermore, Chula Unisearch is initiating a series of technology incubators and a science park in Thailand, while increasing its international seminar program.

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