Specialist in engineering education

Mahanakorn College is a tertiary institution established four years ago especially to provide mainly engineering education, both at the bachelor and the graduate degree levels. It has one of the biggest engineering faculties in Thailand, with a student body of approximately 5,000. It is also one of the most rapidly growing technical universities in the country. The main broad objectives of Mahanakorn College are:

In order to ensure the successful implementation of these objectives, Mahanakorn College is rigorously implementing the following policies:

Mahanakorn College has targeted research and development areas which are expected to play important roles in the technological development of the country, namely:

International Relations

Mahanakorn College enjoys a very close relationship with both the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in the United Kingdom and the University of New South Wales in Australia. Regular academic ex-changes are conducted. The two institutions also help in the staff development plan of Mahanakorn College, where approximately 150 staff members will be sent for higher degree training at the two institutions over a ten-year period.

To ensure close collaboration on research projects, Mahanakorn College has also founded a Readership in Electronic Circuit Design at Imperial College. The present holder is Dr. Chris Toumazou, who is inter-nationally recognized asthe foremost expert in the field of analog circuit design. He will personally supervise a number of Mahanakorn staff in the area of analog integrated circuit research, as well as collaborate closely in the research work being done at Mahanakorn College.

General Philosophy

Due to our very active staff development plan, it is expected that Mahanakorn College will soon have one of the highest concentrations of technical experts in the fields of electrical, electronic, computer, control, telecommunication, mechanical and civil engineering. Presently, the number of technical academic staff at Mahanakorn College is approximately 150, and it should rise to 300 in the next few years.

The most up-to-date research and teaching equipment and softwares are provided to ensure that staff and students at Mahanakorn College enjoy a unique envi-ronment to help develop Thailand's technological prowess.

Research Fellowships

Several research fellowships in electrical, electronic, mechanical and civil engineering are available from Mahanakorn College. For more information, please contact:
        Dr. Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom, President  or
        Dr. Lerkiat Vongsarnpigoon, Dean of Engineering Mahanakorn College
        P.O. Box 10, Nong-Chok District
        Bangkok 10530,Thailand
        Tel: +66 2 543-2711/4
        Fax: +66 2 543-1627

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