A dynamic force for the Asia-Pacific region

Prince of Songkla University (PSU), a leading national university situated in culturally diverse and developmentally dynamic southern Thailand, has served for 25 years as a regional academic and research center of excellence, with a commitment to national development. PSU continually expands its academic, research and outreach activities to guarantee development that benefits the people, resources and cultures of the Asia-Pacific region.

A multi-campus university, PSU actively promotes unique educational and research opportunities and addresses technological needs. Our research ranges from AIDS and DNA issues to large-scale watershed management studies. PSU's research, often performed collaboratively with foreign institutions (for example, Australian and American), always seeks to create and implement solutions to problems of both local and global concern. Additionally, we conduct community-action research to improve agrarian and urban systems.

The preservation and sustainable management of tropical natural resources occupies a substantial portion of our Faculties of Natural Resources, Science, Environmental Management, Science and Technology as well as our Office of Research and Development and our Coastal Resources Institute. These work to understand, preserve and responsibly manage tropical ecosystems, the world's greatest sources of biodiversity.

Our progressive international relations policy has directly and positively impacted our academic, scientific and technological development as an institution. In addition to assisting academic institutions in neighboring countries, PSU encourages cooperative activities, student and staff exchanges, independent and joint research, cooperative semi-nars and international training, international degree programs and field schools. Our English-based courses and degree programs, like the M.Sc. in Epidemiology and the B.A. in Hotel Management, increase yearly.

With five educational sites and facilities, PSU provides a variety of environments for research and support systems.

But PSU is not only science-oriented. Our Faculties of Management Sciences, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Office of Extension and Continuing Education, College of Islamic Studies and Institute of Art and Culture all participate in action-oriented research and community-development projects, such as outreach programs for small businesses and research on tourism and export industries and promoting home food industries and Thai language studies for Muslim villages. PSU is active in the translation of historical epics, pilot programs for women in development, Islam-based family care programs and even the excavation of ancient archeological sites.

PSU - a dynamic force devoting its resources to the sound development of the world's most dynamic growth region.

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