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Government Sites

National IT Committee (NITC)
Thailand's National Information Technology Committee Homepage. Secretariat: National Electronic and COmputer Technology Center (NECTEC)
US Government Homepages
Access the information service of US Government Departments.
Federal Government Information
Table of contents
Joy's Bureaucracies
Joy Aswalap's version of the Government Information Services

Education Sites

On-Line Educational Resources
On-Line Educational Resources
K12- Alaska Online
The Maret School Home Page
Classroom Connect on the Net!
Wentworth Worldwide Media
Briarwood WWW System
The Big Picture : educational program
By Main Street Media
The Educational Plaza
Distance Learning Resources
Kansas State Board of Education
Yahoo: Education (Businees corporation)

World Online Museums and Exhibitions

SDAC - Eclipse
Total solar eclipse events of the world.
Watch for the 1995 total eclipse in Thailand October 24, 1995.
Mahidol University's Buddhist Scripture Project
Hotlist: Museums
A Hotlist of Museums - Science Museums, History Museums and othe cultural locations. This list should offer several you can use for a virtual tour.
Online Museums and Exhibits
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
The Science Museum, London Home Page
One of the best Science Museum. God collection of Dinosaurs.
Museum: Loure :Welcome from the curator
Educational online exhibits (DNA/Dinosaurs)
This URL offers a variety of educationally appropriate online exhibits included the Mercury Project, Mayaques, Earth Viewer, Science Bytes, DNA To Dinosaurs and more.
Animal Information Database: SeaWorld
Electronic Visualization Lab
Black Cowboys in the West
Do you want to know all the world famous cowboys?

Trade Information

Interactive Age Home Page
Trade On-Line Limited Home Page
Trade Online is now operating in Thailand.
The Net world of EDI-TIE
Internet Phone
This company sells Internet phone product which attach a phone set to your pc for talking with anyone else having the same apparatus and Internet connection.

Web training Guides

World Wide Web Workbook

Some cool stuff

Yahoo - Business:Corporations:Education
Yahoo - Entertainment:COOL links
Previous Cool Sites of the Day
The Thai Heritage Page
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand
Mahidol University onThailand
Lots of information about Thailand
Global Music Networks
Welcome to Path