Last update: 14th February 1999

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Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, Second Edition, By Adam Engst

Internet Starter Kit for Windows, Second Edition, By Adam Engst

Glossary of Internet Terms

Frankenbooks by Macmillan Resource Center

Contents: How Computers Work, Feeding your computer: disks, files, etc., Working with the Bios; Choosing between a Desktop and a Notebook, Upgrade, Motherboards, Zip Drive, Modems/fax, Sounds, CR-ROM drive and printer, Troubleshooting.

FrontPage 98
Contents: FrontPage Basics; Essential Tools for Webmasters; Designing with Tables; Working with Forms; Working with Image Composer; Adding Dynamic Content to your Pages; Managing your Web Site; Configuring Firewalls and Proxies; Using FrontPage Style Sheets and Themes; Using Java Applets and Netscape Plug-Ins; Working with ActiveX and Scripts; and Web to Database Connectivity with FrontPage 98.

Contents: How Computers Work - Hardware; Working with the Bios; Choosing between a Desktop and a Notebook; Motherboards; Upgrading Memory; Adding a Zip or Other Removable Drive; Modems and Faxes; Speakers and Sounds; CD-ROM and CD-R Drives; Upgrading your Printer; Making a Disk more Efficient with Defrag; Fiddling with Ports, IRQ, Addresses and Such; Protecting your PC; and Basic Troubleshooting.

Contents: Oracle Architecture Overview; Designing Your Database; Oracle8 Server; Project Development Methodologies; Developer 2000; Oracle Database Objects; Debugging Tools; Parallel Server Management; Tuning and Optimizing; Performance Considerations; Recovering the Database; Trusted Oracle; SQL*Plus; SQL*Loader; Oracle Enterprise Manager; Personal Oracle7; Installing and Configuring Oracle Web Server; Using the Java Cartridge; and Data Warehouse Architecture.

Photoshop 5.0
Contents: Photoshop Test-Drive; New 5.0 Features; Selections, Layers and Paths; Channels; Adding Type to Pictures; Manipulating Focus and Tone with Blur, Sharpen and Smudge; Adjusting Tone with Dodge, Burn and Sponge; Correcting Image Color, Restoring Heirloom Photographs; Saving, Exporting and Printing Images; Sketching a boat in "pencil"; Airbrushing three lemons; Glossy; Halftones; and Water Droplets.

Visual Basic 6
Contents: Working in the Visual Basic 6 Programming Environment; Working with Controls; Using Data Types, Constants and Variables; Class Fundamentals; Working with Microsoft Access; The Widows Registry and State Information; Client/Server Basics; Creating DHTML Applications; Using the Internet Transfer Control; Creating ActiveX Controls; Coping with Error Handling; Performance and Tuning; Accessing the Windows API; and Distributing Your Applications.

Visual C++ 6
Contents:The Visual C++ Development Environment; Using Controls in Your Application; Creating and Designing Dialog Boxes; Documents and Views; Using ActiveX Controls; Database Programming and Design; Internet Programming with the WinInet Classes; and Creating ActiveX Controls.

Windows 98
Contents: What's New in Windows 98; Installing and Configuring Windows 98; Getting Help; Windows 98 Hardware Interface; Using Internet Explorer Features; E-mail Newsgroups and Internet Phone; Collaborating and Communicating with NetMeeting; Windows 98 Multimedia; Using Windows 98 to Play Games and Watch TV; Customizing the Active Desktop; A Few Good Hacks; Some Useful Registry Tweaks; Configuring Windows 98 as a Network Client; Integrating Windows 98 and NT; Windows 98 with Netware and IntraNetware; Optimizing Physical and Virtual Memory; and Tools and Strategies for Troubleshooting Windows 98.