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The Global Knowledge Partnership web site is intended as a resource and meeting place for all who share the mission of harnessing information and knowledge as tools of sustainable, equitable development. The following links represent just a small sample of the resources available on-line for those interested in these issues. Many of these links were first suggested by participants in the "Global Knowledge for Development" listserver discussion. Over time, with your help, we hope that this list will grow, and that the Global Knowledge Partnership site will become a focal point of dialogue and information sharing on these issues. Naturally, we do not expect that this list of links will ever be exhaustive; the Web is a living and growing thing. Our hope is simply to provide a representative set of links that will help visitors to this site to find their way to other interesting resources on these issues. We will emphasize in particular links to sites that are themselves "link-rich".

We welcome visitors to the site and participants in our virtual discussion to suggest other Web sites that provide information, dialogue and networks that help individuals and communities to address the challenge of sustainable, equitable development in the information age. To propose a link for this site, click here. The list of categories is not exhaustive; feel free to suggest other link categories.

Don't forget to visit the Web sites of the organizations belonging to the Global Knowledge Partnership. Click here to go to the partners list. These links are not repeated in the topical lists that follow, so be sure to check out the partners' sites for their resources on these issues.

This links page, and the entire Global Knowledge Partnership web site, is a collaborative work-in-progress. We welcome your input!

Education, Training and Life-Long Learning

Environmentally Sustainable Development

Gender and Development

Community Networking/Community Empowerment through Information and Communications Technologies

Governance in the Information Age

Indigenous Knowledge

Forums, On-line Dialogues, and other Development-Related Information Resources

Economic Growth and Private Sector Development in the Information Age


Human Development

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Articles related to the development of Digital Computers and the Internet

NASA Lewis Research Center's Learning Technologies K-12 Program: Educational Bookmarks

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More Knowledge

Dave's Math Tables: including interesting Math Message Board and a Java based Math Whiteboard where you can discuss and learn about mathematical theories with experts.