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I am working at the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) . My main function is to look after the management of ThaiSarn : Thai Social/Scientific, Academic and research Network, and some other things such as the National Information Technology Committee (NITC).

My direct responsibility for ThaiSarn is to implement the information networking infrastructure for the research community in Thailand. We always do things together with the private sector involvement, both in cash and in kinds. If you are interested in ThaiSarn, please read the online booklet "ThaiSarn: The Internet of Thailand".

My present focus is on the use of Internet to aid education. I am exploring K-12 networks and museums where multimedia works at its best quality. Please visit my personal bookmark file to see where I have been...

We developed the School network with Ministry of Education and planned for the first 30 schools to be on line in 1995. However, the speed of implementation and the budgetary support was not that good. So we have to extend the execution plan to the end of 1996. In the mean time, the school network will be focused on the exploration of school-teachers on the Internet. Thus we had a collection of Thailand Schoolnet resources as a series of training courses and the service support for the school teachers to access the Internet. Of course, some schools progressed so well that it is now reaching the point of running its own node.

NECTEC Network Technology Laboratory also grew out into three organizations: the NTL to carry on the main-stream ThaiSarn work; the Information Superhighway Testbed (ISH-TB) project; and the Internet Thailand Company. THe latter one is the full-strength commercial services of the Internet. Its homepage is at http://www.inet.co.th

For contacts with several working groups coordinated by NECTEC, here are the mailing lists that we support.

At NITC, we are developing the national EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) project which is expected to help Thailand's economical position and competitiveness through the 2000s. At present, Thailand EDI Council is looking after the well-being and forthcoming national standards for EDI usage. We are in line with the Asia EDIFACT Board (ASEB), supporting UN/EDIFACT standards, using our convenient direct access to the UN/EDICORE Database. It is expected that an EDI service provider with some government investment will be set up very soon to make sure that all regulartory documents submitted for international trade will be served electronically. This should happen by the end of 1994.

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Being an engineer, I do make use of key information centers in the Internet to help finding out the serious stuff that is related to my work. For example: On the subject of the Internet, I find the following sites to be useful. My "lighter" readings are: The hypertext pages which I do maintain at NECTEC are: And some other pages which I visit frequently are:

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