NECTEC joined the ASEAN Next 2017


Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand organized the "ASEAN Next 2017: Creating Smart Community through STI Collaboration" during 6-10 March, 2017 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok. The objectives of this event are to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN foundation with the new initiative ASEAN STI Competencies Scheme, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of ASEAN-EU Relationship and to strengthen ASEAN-EU relationship through STI cooperation.

AseaN Next
AseaN Next

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) joined this event with the exhibition of 4 research works under the theme "Innovation in Electronics and Computer Technology for Smart ASEAN Community."

- Mobile Application: ASEAN Language Phrasebook for Tourism:
This application is developed under the co-operation between NECTEC and ASEAN Community. It provides several phrases and sentences that related on 10 ASEAN languages which are English, Thai, Laos, Khmer, Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Myanmar. Almost 22,000 sentences related to several scenarios based on the real-life situation that a tourist can expect to be encountered when travelling.
- 3D printing optics and their applications:
This elastomer printing machine utilizes 3D printing technology and thermal curing property of material fabricating high quality and large magnification lens. MuEye-Fab can produce a single lens in less than 20 seconds and custom-design array of lenses in minutes.
- DS-RMS : Dam Safety Remote Monitoring System:
DS-RMS is aimed to automate conventional acquisition of safety-related measurements so that comprehensive information are remotely obtained in realtime. Currently, fourteen dams, under Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) are equipped with reliable remote terminal units (RTUs), communication links, computer servers and advanced monitoring software.
- whatSERS: NECTEC SERS Chips:
whatSERS is the NECTEC SERS Chips that has been developed with our advanced thin-film depositions with the sputtering system. We have successfully fabricated thin-film-based nanostructures of silver metals with unique properties to highly enhance the Raman signals. Our SERS Chips, which come in full packages at a cost-effective price, can yield up to 100 times the Raman signals when compared with those from the commercially available products.
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