NECTEC announces 2018 strategies under the concept 'Practical R&D, Innovation Springboard'

Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn

NECTEC has announced the organization strategies for 2018 to reinforce the National Breakthrough Development under the concept 'Practical R&D, Innovation Springboard'.

Goals of the Year 2018

Research and development of technology and innovation are significant tools to upgrade the country to become THAILAND 4.0 under the concepts of propelling the country with great leap and sustainable development by means of digital innovation (Innovation Springboard). This is to increase the competitiveness of economic system, decrease the social inequality, leave the Middle Income Trap, and develop the nation in various dimensions and in the long run.

To achieve the above targets, the issues must be addressed in policy level with the support of practical measures. For instance, the strategy 8 in the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (B.E. 2560-2564) requires that science, technology, research, and innovation be the important tools to develop the nation in various dimensions. In addition, the government has initiated a policy for more investment in research and development with an aim to increase the proportion of investment in R&D/GDP not less than 1.5% by the year 2021, and 2.5% by the year 2036. The issue of measures for industrial cluster development, New S-Curve, in the future will be the new growth engines that enable the country to grow in a breakthrough manner.

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), under National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology, has been emphasizing on research and development in the field of electronic and computer technology (digital technology). Meanwhile, the team of researchers has been prepared to focus on researches that can support the growth of the country in various dimensions. There are nine research units, i.e.

  • HCCRU : Human Computer Communication Research Unit
  • DACRU : Data Analytics and Computer Research Unit
  • AAERU : Advanced Automation and Electronics Research Unit
  • NWSRU : Network, Wireless and Security Research Unit
  • SSDRU : Spectroscopic and Sensing Device Research Unit
  • BESRU : Biomedical Electronics and Systems Research Unit
  • TMEC : Thai Microelectronics Center
  • TOPIC : Thailand Organic & Printed Electronics Innovation Center
  • ITDE : Institute of Technology for People with Disabilities and the Elderly

Practical R&D, Innovation Springboard

In 2018, the research team of NECTEC will be working hand in hand with its partners under the concept “Practical R&D, Innovation Springboard”. The objective thereof is to produce such researches that can act as a springboard for all sections of Thailand to achieve the breakthrough development by further developing the existing development researches, technology, knowledge, and digital innovation. This will promote the business growth, increase added vales, initiate income, and result in the indeed sustainable social and economic development within the country. It is regarded as a means to create researches that are the significant springboard to uplift the nation into Thailand 4.0 as to the following NECTEC’s 5 research frameworks:

  1. Agriculture and Food
  2. Manufacturing and Service Industry
  3. Health and Medicine
  4. Energy and Environment
  5. Lifetime Education and Learning

The springboard researches in 2018

  • Agriculture and Food
    • NECTEC FAARM series: Technology for agricultural industry. This research and development has always been placing an emphasis on agriculture and food sections by promoting Smart Farm.
  • Manufacturing and Service Industry
    • Smart Maintenance for Industry 4.0: Machine and Production Line Health Monitoring System.
    • Government DATA Analytics : The integration and processing with the technology of BIG DATA Analytics, Data Integration, GIS, Network/Graph analysis
  • Health and Medicine
    • PHR (Personal Health Record) : The system that is supported by information technology in order to enhance the efficiency of provincial health service and deal with the problems of wellness among the native caused by diseases.
    • E-Referral system in Bangkok and metropolitan areas. Information and communication technology is employed to transfer the data of treatment between Ob Un Community Medical Clinics and the main hospitals.
    • Ulife : the system that stores data throughout the life.
  • Energy and Environment
    • Energy Data Analytics: The system will analyze and design the energy management
    • EV Charging Station (Jujai)
  • Lifetime Education and Learning
    • MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and OER (Open Educational Resources)
    • KidBright : a board developed to stimulate the potential of systematic and creative thinking among the children through the Learn and Play method.
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