NETPIE is ready to spread its wings and serve the region

NETPIE is ready to spread its wings and serve the region

With the development of IoT platform such as NETPIE, ASEAN is poised to become one of the top contenders for the IoT race.

A group of veteran researchers from the National Electronics and Computer Technology (NECTEC) of Thailand will be introducing to the ASEAN maker community their emerging and innovative platform, NETPIE, for the first time at the Maker Faire Singapore 2017. NETPIE ( ) is a platform as a service (PaaS) that facilitates interconnection of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. NETPIE provides tools and software libraries that accelerate IoT development process, so IoT developers can spend more time innovating their devices and less time worrying about administration of backend servers and data storage. Since its launch in Thailand in September 2015, NETPIE has received overwhelming support from the Thai IoT community. Currently over 18,000 IoT things are connected to the platform.

Generic-purpose platform opens the door for a wide variety of applications

NETPIE’s flexibility and versatility in design grant them practical usage in many areas, such as smart home, smart farm, smart energy, and smart factories through several public and commercial projects. For example, it is set to interconnect all environmental sensors in Phuket Smart City, a national project under the Thai government initiative. Moreover, Nidec Shibaura Electronics (Thailand) Company Limited has chosen NETPIE as its core platform to implement its smart factory. With its wide-ranging applicability, NETPIE was voted “the most promising innovation project to invest” from potential investors at the NSTDA Investors’ Day 2016, an annual event organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand.

NETPIE is ready to spread its wings and serve the region

With its success in Thailand, NETPIE is now ready to introduce its revolutionary platform service to the Southeast Asian IoT communities. From a quantitative perspective, NETPIE can support rapid growth of IoT product development in the region though its highly scalable architecture. Qualitatively, NETPIE is going to broaden the possibility for IoT designers/creators. If you are an IoT enthusiast, an avid maker, or just looking for ideas, you can check out cool IoT projects enabled by NETPIE in the exhibition area of the Maker Faire Singapore 2017 at Science Center Singapore from July 22 to July 23, 2017.

For those who want to gain hands-on experience in building an IoT project using NETPIE, the event also includes a NETPIE workshop (July 23, 1pm) in which participants will learn to create a quick IoT prototype which includes displaying sensor data to NETPIE dashboard, storing sensor data in NETPIE storage, and sending control command from web application to the device. In order to participate in this workshop, please register online at: The workshop fee is SGD 25. Participants will receive an IoT development kit. A laptop computer is required to participate in the workshop. Acceptance of registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hurry up before the seats are filled up.

The future is now. Become a part of NETPIE IoT community and build “smart” ASEAN together.
Visit NETPIE Booth on 22-23 July 2017 and join NETPIE Workshop on 23 July 2017 at Science Center, Singapore .
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Maker Faire Singapore 2017

Why you should attend “NETPIE Workshop” at Maker Faire Singapore 2017?

  • Become an IoT maker. Try your hand at some cool IoT projects.
  • Receive NETPIE kit and continue building your own IoT prototype at home.
  • Chance to win lucky draw for a special prize at NETPIE Booth.

Contact NETPIE Team

Tel: +662-564-6900 ext. 2597
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