Focus on science and technology

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), located on a 160-hectare site twenty miles east of Bangkok, is the largest national university of science and technology.

The aims of the institute are to provide education and to promote R&D in science and technology for the industrial and economic progress of Thailand. The five faculties at KMITL (engineering, architecture, industrial education, science, and agricultural technology) cover the range of technical disciplines. The Institute offers 44 study programs leading to a bachelor's degree, 17 to a master's degree and one doctorate program in electrical engineering, and the first engineering doctorate program in Thailand. Current student population is close to 8,000, including 1,200 graduate students. The Computer Research and Service Center, School of Graduate Studies and Central Library complete the organizational structure, with the establishment of the Faculty of Information Technology in operation in 1994. Under planning are an International Education Center and the KMITL Industrial Park.

A philosophy of independence and initiative in learning has won recognition for KMITL graduates in industry and in all branches of public and private service where technology plays a role. Project work and industrial training form essential parts of KMITL education.

KMITL fully responds to international cooperation by making available its resources and facilities to international agencies, visiting professors, scholars and researchers. A successful group training course in telecommunications technology, jointly supported by the Royal Thai Government and the Government of Japan, has been organized since 1978, attracting 300 telecommunications engineers from 22 countries in the Asian and Pacific region. The Institute is currently collaborating with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Japan (MPT), National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA), Japan Information Center of Science and Technology (JICST), National Institute of Multi-media Education of Japan (NIME), Tokai University, University of Tsukuba, University of Electro-Communications, Hyoko Prefectural Government, Thai-Japanese Friendship Association, Foundation for Ear, Throat and Nose Medicine in Rural Areas of Thailand and other countries in southeast Asia in the utilization of the experimental satellite ETS-V in the Partners Project for studies in the fields of telecommunications, distance education, medical treatments in rural areas, provision of scientific, technical and medical information worldwide, radar and microwave atmospheric monitoring and global positioning system.

The Institute is located in relation to the Ladkrabang Industrial Estate to encourage close industrial liason. KMITL is setting up its industrial park to offer resources and facilities as industrial incubators. The School of Graduate Studies and KMITL Industrial Park will be involved in a two-pronged attack on R&D activities to serve the nation's needs for more value-added techno-logies, including the rapid expansion in telecommunications.

The ongoing development of the Eastern Seaboard is transforming Lad-krabang District into an important gateway to Bangkok Metropolis. Indeed, within the next decade, Ladkrabang District will become a hub of transportation, telecommunications, industry and commerce. Needless to say, a university of science and technology like KMITL, located right in the center of these activities, must have a major role in this transformation through its supply of well-qualified graduates and its research and development work.

The founding and development of KMITL are a response to the immense expansion of technology in recent years. The Institute has grown to meet the needs of a critical time for the industrial development of the country. It follows the inspiration of King Mongkut, who reigned from 1851 to 1868 and was the Father of Thai Science, whose name it is honored to bear.

For further information, contact:

        Office of the Rector
        King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
        Chalongkrung Road, Ladkrabang District
        Bangkok 10520, Thailand
        Tel.: +66 2 326-9157 or 326-9964
        Telex: 84967 INSMONG TH
        Fax:  +66 2 326-7333

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