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Welcome to my Y2000 service page. This page was created because there are too many Y2K web pages around, and it becomes difficult to bookmark of what one really wants. After visiting many of them, I feel the need to compile them to suit my own need: national-level Y2K web sites. I hope it is useful for others and can be shared by everyone. Thailand is not doing bad in its Y2K action.

Documents relevant to Government Planning

Thailand Super Critical Organizations in Thailand
UNESCAP Issues in computerization in the public sector 24 Sep 1998
    ESCAP recommendations for the Year 2000 problems; Selected Y2K issues, International Y2K issues, Suggested actions by the committee, Other strategic issues.
ESCAP Y2k Home page.
OECD OECD Report - Year 2000 Problem
G8 The G8 Online Conference Papers

National Level Y2000 Websites Around the World

Australia AIIA Australian Information Industry Association
New South Wales Year 2000 (Press "Agree" to enter)
Northern Territory Year 2000
Queensland Year 2000
Western Australia Government Year 2000
Western Australia Industry Year 2000
Victoria Year 2000
OGIT Year 2000 Activities
Belgium Belgium Year 2000
Canada Strategis Y2000 Page SOS-2000.
Canadian Information Processing Society
Information Technology Association of Canada
Canada: Treasury Board
Denmark Denmark (By GSA in USA)
EU EU Euro Year 2000
EU Commission Background document: the Year 2000 computer problem
France France: Sommaire Thémis R&D (français)
Greece Greece
Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR
Japan Japan: JISA
Netherlands (The)
New Zealand New Zealand Year2000
New Zealand ITANZ Year 2000
New Zealand Government Y2K Task Force
Singapore Singapore Federation of the Computer Industry (SFCI)
South Africa South Africa - Mauritius
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland: Bern
Thailand Y2K Thailand
UK Action 2000
UK The Year 2000 Support Centre
UK BCS - The Millennium Problem
UK CCTA "Millennium Bomb" Page
UK House of Commons Select Committee Year 2000 Report
USA US Government Y2K Gateway
USA GSA Home Page
US General Accounting Office Year 2000 Reports
US General Services Authority Best Practices Manual
USA ITAA Information Technology Association of America
US Presidents Council on Y2K Conversion
World Information Technology and Services Alliance WITSA
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Other Goodies

Embedded System Links (CCTA)
Health and Safety and the Year 2000 Problem
The Institution of Electrical Engineers Year 2000 Risk in Embedded Systems
Electric Power Research Institute
Electric Utilities Website
Electricity Industry Article
US National Electricity Reliability Council
Legal Issues Year 2000 Law Center A collection of articles related to legal issues.

John J. Witmeyer III's view of Y2K legal liability issues - Ford Marrin Esposito Witmeyer & Gleser, L.L.P.

Legal Viewpoints - Alan Gahtan -- Senior associate Alan Gahtan, a specialist in IT legal issues, of Borden & Elliott in Toronto, Ontario. This site includes a list of Y2K legal seminars and his articles on the topic. This includes legislation.

Alan Simpson -- Law, Politics, and Business Journalist and media maven Alan Simpson puts a cynical and sardonic spin on the Y2K predicament. But seriously, folks, he's got some good links to government and legal documents relating to Y2K.

2001 A Legal Odyssey This site addresses the legal aspects of the year 2000 problem. It includes a checklist of actions CIOs should take in order to minimize liability headaches.

Y2K Legislation California bill to limit Y2K cases
Year 2000 Readiness and Disclosure Act (PDF)
ITAA Year 2000 State & Federal Legislative Proposals and Lawsuits
2000Law: Legislation Update
Articles Cassandra Project
Cinderella Project
Computing Services & Software Association
Dr Ed Yardenis Economics Network
Impact of the Year 2000 Problem
Merrill Lynch Millennium Challenge
PLATINUM Technology
Tek-Tips - Year 2000 Forum
The Year 2000 Information Center
Westergaard Year 2000
Why Should Your Business Should Preprare It's Computer Systems For The Year 2000
Year2000 Information Network
Year 2000 Bug Survival Kit (French)
Year 2000 Research Group
Nine Misconceptions about the Year 2000 Problem
IBM Bookshelf
US Govt. Year 2000 Links Government Resource Database
Y2K Links Database
Year 2000 Bookmarks Articles
Real Estate
CIO Magazine - Y2k Resources

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