TanPibut is a software suite that supports mission of disaster prevention and mitigation officials for natural event monitoring and surveillance. It currently consists of 2 main applications

1. TanPibut WATCH
Real-time and interactive visualization of natural events such as cumulative rainfall, cold wave and heat wave
2. TanPibut HEALTH
Real-time and interactive visualization of weather station working status

Product Highlight

  • Real-time data integration from various open data sources
  • Real-time and continuous data analytics
  • Personalized data visualization based on user profile and pre-defined setting
  • Support multiple devices such as computer, mobile phone and tablet
  • Single-sign-on

Innovation Statement

  • Management of data stream which is real-time and continuous
  • Management of incomplete and poor data
  • Assessment of station working status for better maintenance


  • Efficient natural disaster preparedness
  • Timely weather station maintenance

Target Customers

  • Disaster prevention and mitigation officers


  • Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  • Sub-district/District/Provincial Administration Organizations

Developed by

Data-Driven Simulation and Systems Research Team (DSS)
Data Science and Analytics Research Group (DSARG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC)
email: naiyana.sahavechaphan[at]nectec.or.th
Tel : (+66) 2-564-6900 ext 2279