The Adventure Story of MuEye Boy “Lost in the Crustacean World”

In 2014, NECTEC successfully developed a flexible-polymer lens which can easily be attached onto the camera of a smartphone or tablet. The lens converts the phone’s camera into a personal microscope with a large display. We named the lens MuEye (μEye) which means an eye for seeing micron-size objects. So the MuEye Team has planned and prepared the materials to tell us how the MuEye lenses can help us see tiny details of an object by writing this book, ‘The Adventure Story of MuEye Boy: Lost in the Crustacean World.’

Crustaceans are members of the arthropod group and most of them live in water. When speaking of crustaceans, many people think of crab and shrimp. However, there are lots of tiny young and adult crustaceans that float in water like plankton. These creatures play an important role in the food chain. We can find crustaceans almost everywhere, from a small pond to the largest ocean.

Let’s follow MuEye Boy to discover the young crustacean world! Do not forget to bring your MuEye lens. The secrets of crustaceans are about to be revealed!


July-08-2016 12:22