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NECTEC is a dynamic organization which is responsible for the development of Information Technology in Thailand. Its mission is to ensure Thailand's competitiveness in Electronics and Computer and the use of IT to stimulate economic and social impact through own R&D programs as well as R&D funding services to universities.

The organization now has a work force of about 400 persons and has been operating for twelve years in Research and Development, IT Policy Planning and Government Informatization. NECTEC is also the secretariat office for Thailand's National Information Technology Committee.

There are several new projects on IT infrastructures in Thailand which we are handling. Please explore this web site to get your required information about the Information Technology of Thailand.

NECTEC is an organization under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). We operate under the Science and Technology Development Bill of 1991. NSTDA is an organization in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environmen.

Internet Information Resource Center
NECTEC's official collection of reports and statistics about Internet in Thailand.

Our activities at the national scale
Government Information Technology Services (GITS).
Information Superhighway Testbed, the country's broadband networking trial project using ATM technology.
Kanchanapisek Network, the web site that hosts the majority of information related to His Majesty the King's activities.
National Information technology Committee, the national body that looks after national IT policy of the country.
National Cache Infrastructure, Thailand's contribution to the global hierarchical cache infrastructure.
Public Internet Exchange, a major Internet exchange point for Thailand.
SchoolNet Thailand, the nation-wide school networking activities around the Internet.
Thailand EDI Council, the national body that looks after Electronic Data Interchange of Thailand.
Software Park Thailand, the national program to promote software industry in Thailand
ThaiSarn-II The Thai Social/Scientific, Academic and Research Network.
Y2K Center - the national resource center for solving the millenium bug.
NECTEC profiles
Service Units
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Network Technology
High-performance Computing
Software and Language Engineering
Computer Technology
Information Technology Education Division
Business and Industry Development
Tri-Patite Division
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Internet Thailand
Trade Siam EDI
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SchoolNet Thailand

Software Park Thailand

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Contact Address:
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
6th Floor NSTDA Building, Rama 6 Road, Raj-thevi, Bangkok 10400
Tel: (+662) 644-8150, Fax: (+662) 644-8137


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