NECTEC FAARM Series : Technology for Agricultural Industry

If equipments in the farm could be automatically work themselves, How satisfy farmers will be?

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center: NECTEC have been continuously emphasized with agriculture and food with supporting new technologies of farming or Smart Farm, especially on managing and using technologies for increasing products and enhancing agricultural standard with “NECTEC FAARM Series: Technology for Agricultural Industry” is a set of technologies by Thai Researchers which ready to deliver to interested farmers and entrepreneurs. There are 2 Sets of Technologies which are divided by working pattern i.e.

  2. FAARM FiT


A set of Intelligent Monitoring Technologies divided to 2 models are as follows :

Environment monitoring system for raising and planting
  • AquaLife Model – for raising aquatic animals is measuring system for monitors water quality or to raises aquatic animals. It could be connect to many sensors such as DO EC pH temperature etc.,
  • Greenhouse Model – for planting is environment monitoring system for planting area could be connect to many sensors such as temperature, relative humidity, light intensity etc.,
It could be expand the sensors also record and access to the data via internet by web browser and application on Android OS.
Meteorological Station for tracking down the growth of plants, could be divided to 2 models i.e.
  • Standard Model – for measuring the temperature, the level of relative humidity, the level of rain drop etc.,
  • Watchdog Model – which developing capability of Meteorological Station for monitoring and warning the flash flood. Watchdog will be release in nearly future.


A set of technologies for Intelligent agricultural control

A set of technologies for aquatic raising control.
A system which are controlling and monitoring for aquatic raising in Oxy Model. Aerating Control System for aquatic raising with a prominent capability, to measure dissolved the Oxygen (DO) for 24 hours, to prevent the Oxygen drop from unexpected matter also to save the energy by automatic switch on/off the paddle wheel aerator by measuring and balancing DO. It could be specify operation of paddle wheel aerator for sedimentation, water circulation control.
Furthermore it would be alarm to users when unusual matter happen in the farm.
2.2 GROW FiT
A growth control System The integration system between adjusting environment system and controlling production factors system to create “HAPPY SHRIMP” product which could be check water quality, aeration control and feeding shrimp. The product will be release soon.
A set of technologies for growing plant control.
Adjusting and controlling ambient condition for growing plant. Divided to 2 models by type of environmental control i.e.
  • Cool Model – for reducing temperature control system or adjusting humidity in the farm into preference period by spraying fog or using cooling pad. The advantage is could be connect to many category of sensors such as
  • Comfort Model – for environmental control in the closed farm or controlled room, could be control temperature, humidity also Co2 gas.
These models could be record and access to the data via internet by web browser and application on Android OS.
Watering for growing plant system. Divided to 2 models
  • Simple Model – a basic watering control box which uses only 9 Volt of battery for over years lifetime and connects to maximum 4 independent valves. It could be connect to Hygrometer and rain gauge for enhancing watering efficiency for example, when it had enough rain,the equipment would be stop working or when the soil had appropriated humidity, it would be reduce watering. Not only its capability but could also set 100 watering time periods by connects to the Android Smartphone via Bluetooth. It is very convenience to install, just put the box to existed system.
  • Evergreen Model – would be release in nearly future which is watering system by separated parts of plants, in many positions or specific categories of plants. It would be cooperate with controlling system in the farm area and internet expert system such as watering plant by Evapotranspiration Ratio.
Manage and storage energy system for efficiency using in the farm.
There is a ‘SUNFLOW’ inverter, technology for pumping water by solar energy. It would neither need to use battery nor engine so gasoline and engine oil charges would not be needed. It uses Algorithm to find Advance MPPT, the highest point of energy that would be enhance conversion of solar energy to electricity in every level of light intensity by using 2 – 10 solar cell panels (depend on size of pump motor) to reduce energy and to save cost. It could also adjust to the lowest power to prevent, the damage when have not enough water, the damage from lightning, dust protecting and water resistance according to IP55 standard.

In the future, NECTEC is expecting to expand the agricultural information, from the previous developed research to apply in FAARM Alice which is the analytic equipment for plant processing, suggesting appropriated planting area, rain forecasting, finding appropriated watering and nutrition, monitoring the growth and planning for cropping. The technology will be increase the quality and quantity of farm products also to express sales information for rise up Thai Farmers’ profit.

NECTEC is ready to support Thai Farmers with many various of researches according to NECTEC FAARM series – A set of farm technologies for agricultural industry which is supported farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to apply in their context of work. However feedback from users are worth for us to improve and develop innovation by Thai Researchers for our own farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs in Thailand 4.0 era.

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