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  • Thailand Association of the Blind online information on Thailand The Big Picture.


  • This web site opened the new Media Service Page to index all live TV/radio and WWW sites of the news-media in Thailand.


  • Royal Speech Section for Her Majesty the Queen was added. The Premiere items on service are:
    • AUDIO (40'43"), and VIDEO (41'00")

    given on 11th August 1997, on Her Majesty's Birthday eve.


  • Live TV and Radio Stations were added.


  • 18-24 August 1997 Science Week and Technomart1997


  • Promotion Songs and Radio Spots to promote the political reform: the drafting of Thailand's new Constitution.


  • National Youth Bureau (NYB) and NECTEC announced the invitation for software companies, academic institution, students and general public to participate in The 1997 Software Contest


  • IT and Open Systems Standards by By Dr.Thaweesak Koanantakool


  • Keynote Lecture for the first International Symposium on Standardization of Multilingual Information Technology, Singapore, 26th-27th May 1997. Multilingual Information Technology Initiatives in Thailand by Dr.Thaweesak Koanantakool, Country Report by Thaweesak Koanantakool, Chularat Tanprasert and Chonchanok Viravan


  • CGI Programming Course at NECTEC on 18-20th June 1997. Limited number of seats available.


  • Search NECTEC Software Library (SimTel)


  • University Entrance examination results.

  • RFC2130 The Report of the IAB Character Set Workshop. This report details the conclusions of an IAB-sponsored invitational workshop held 29 February - 1 March, 1996, to discuss the use of character sets on the Internet.


  • Bulk revision of Thai Government Directory.


  • Thai character code TIS 620-2529 is now registered as ISO-8859-11: Latin/Thai Character Set. Read full report. Enjoy a lot more information on IT-Standards.


  • Result of Small Software contest for 2540.(in Thai) Those software projects were chosen to accept NECTEC's supporting fund.
    • 1997-03-20

    • The Thai Pavilion (http://expo.or.th) has been renamed http://expo.nectec.or.th and will continue to serve all the visitors at this new location. The webserver is sposored by NTL under the PubNet Project.
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