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R & D

Bullet Industrial Clusters
Bullet Research Laboratories
Bullet Other Research Fields
Bullet Spin-off Units
Bullet Strategic Program
Bullet Hard Disk Drive Program (HDD)
Bullet Radio Frequency Identification Program (RF-ID)
Bullet Information and Mobile Application Program (IMA)
Bullet Embedeed System Program (ES)
Bullet Intelligent Medical System Program (IMS)
Bullet Intelligent Transport System Program (ITS)
Bullet Embedded System Technology Laboratory (EST)
Bullet Industrial Control and Automation Laboratory (ICA)
Bullet Software Engineering Technology Laboratory :(SETEC)
Bullet Open Source Software Development and Promotion Project (ODP)
Bullet Computer and Peripheral Testing Laboratory (CPTL)
Bullet Platform Technology Program
Bullet Sensors Technology Program (SST)
Bullet Security Technology Program (SCT)
Bullet Knowledge Engineering Technology Program(KET)
Bullet Photonics Technology Laboratory (PTL)
Bullet Nano-Electronics and MEMs Laboratory (MEMs)
Bullet Optical and Quantum Communications Laboratory (OQC)
Bullet National Security Technology and Innovation Laboratory (NSTI)
Bullet Network Technology Laboratory (NTL)
Bullet Knowledge Elicitation and Archiving Laboratory (KEA)
Bullet Large Scale Simulation Research Laboratory (LSR)
Bullet Human Language Technology Laboratory (HLT)
Bullet Image Technology Laboratory (IMG)
Bullet Strategy Research & Industry Indicators
Bullet Strategy Research & Industry Indicator Division (SRII)
Bullet Electronic Transaction Commission Secretariate Program (ETCS)
Bullet Assistive Technology Center (ASTEC)
Bullet Thailand Microelectronic Center (TMEC)
Bullet Thailand IC Design and Innovation (TIDI)
Bullet Establishment of a Limited Company for ICT Human Resource and Academic Development Project (ELCP)
Bullet ECTI Human Resource Development Center (HRC)


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