NECTEC researchers meet the leading Swiss expert in Blockchain


On 17 June 2022, NECTEC researchers from the Information Security Research Team (SEC), Communication and Networks Research Group (CNWRG) including Dr. Chalee Vorakulpipat, Head of SEC, Dr. Soontorn Sirapaisan, and Ms. Sineenat Tienkouw Watanavisit, together with international cooperation team from NECTEC and INCO including Dr. Kusumaporn Sompong, Manager of the International Cooperation Section of NECTEC, Dr. Suangusa Pullket, Mr. Saranyu Laemlak, and Ms. Patchara Umprasert, joined the discussion with Mr. Mathias Ruch, Co-Founder of the Swiss Blockchain Federation and, Co-Founder and CEO of Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC). The meeting was hosted by the Embassy of Switzerland Thailand. Ms. Céline Badertscher and Ms. Patchaya Thanaudom, political and economic officers of the Swiss Embassy, also attend this meeting.

The purpose of this meeting was mutual introduction between NECTEC team and Mr. Mathias, and discussion on potential collaboration in the field of blockchain and digital technology that will enhance the international cooperation in this field between the two countries. In the discussion, Mr. Mathias mentioned that blockchain technology has the potential to create opportunities, changes, and development in all regions of the world, and foresee that Thailand has great potential to be a leader of blockchain technology in Southeast Asia. He is now looking for collaborators to work together in Thailand blockchain ecosystem, which includes the Central Bank, the Securities and Exchange Commission, start-ups and investors, innovation agencies, as well as with Thai universities and research institutes active in the field of blockchain.