Industrial Prototype and Power electronics (IPP)


Thailand has imported a great number of electronic devices manufactured with complex and advanced technology. While nowadays, Thai researchers are to certain extent well capable to design and manufacture these products. This research unit was therefor founded to design, research and develop such products, and also aim to help finding solutions for entreneurs, with our expertise in power electronics, electrical vehicle, wireless communications, embedded systems, power management, and air conditioning systems



Transform our electronic innovations to industrial products


Making innovation from our cores through customer experience

Core Technology

  • Power Electronics
    • Inverter 
    • Converter
    • Active Power-Factor Correction
  • Electric Vehicle (EV)
    • Vehicle Control & Interface Platform
    • EV Conversion
    • CAN Management 
  • Power Management
    • Battery Management
    • Solar-Power Management
    • Energy Conversion 
  • Wireless Platforms 
    • Mobile Monitoring and Logging Platforms
    • WiFi / IoT, 433 MHz, FM/AM 
    • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Embedded System 
    • Super Low Power Platforms
    • Safety Integrated Algorithms
  • Air Conditioning
    • Air Con Inverter 
    • Multi-split system control

Renow Projects

1. EV Kit & Blueprint Project
Consists of: Engine-Emulating Unit, traction inverters, BMS, charger, DC converter, A/C inverter, traction motor

2. Solar Pump Inverter (SUNFLOW)
DC/AC Inverter to convert energy from solar cells to water pump
Licenses sold: 3

3. Screening Alcohol Meter (SAM)
Sold pieces: >1000

4. Automatic Clock
Automatic time setting via RDS signals (FM) or NTP server through WiFi
Used within NSTDA

5. multi-split air condition controller

6. Inverter for air conditioning system

7. Previous projects

7.1 RWBA Wireless Broadband for rural area
7.2 EECV – Emergency and Educational Communication Vehicle
7.3 Wheeler carrier
7.4 Lift controller
7.5 System for Wireless Object Tracking


Members & Expertise 

  • Davis Kirachaiwanich [Project Management and PCB design]
    Expertise: PCB design: active PFC, inverter drive, converter circuits, surge protection, inductor design
  • Phisanu Duangtanoo [PCB design]
    Expertise: PCB design inverter drive, converter circuits, controller board, EMC & EMI
  • Waranyoo Phiwthongkham [Project management and software design]
    Expertise: system design, computer software
  • Nikhom Promkajin [PCB design and software]
    Expertise: PCB design,electronics, filter, inverter drive, converter circuits, controller board, control loop design , firmware on MCU
  • Prasert Kramoot [Industrial design]
    Expertise: CAD/CAM, casing design, mechanical design, Solidwork
  • Kosol Hompian [PCB design]
    Expertise: electronic systems, PCB design,  Altium
  •  Jittamanus Patchyahon [PCB design]
    Expertise: electronic systems, PCB design,  Altium
  • Kittisak Ormsup [Software, firmware, mobile application]
    Expertise: firmware on MCU, Mobile application, Database programming, Server
  • Thanaradit Tulachot [PCB design]
    Expertise: electronic systems, PCB design,  Altium


Industrial Prototype and Power electronics (IPP)
Advanced Control and Electronics Research Group (ACERG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
email : ipp[at]