Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC)

Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC)

Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC) is a research unit under National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC). TMEC core technology is the silicon process technology focusing on silicon sensor and electronic device research and development. TMEC comprises 3 research teams of different key activities as follows:

  1. Silicon Industrial Fabrication Research Team (SIFRT) with their key roles in research and development in Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS), Chemical and bio-sensor platform based on Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) Technology, and wafer level sensor prototyping and small volume production
  2. Design, Simulation, Characterization, and Circuit Design Research Team (DSCRT) basically sustains the product and innovation through research and development with the aid of simulation and characterization of new sensors and electronic devices. DSCRT also supports wafer level and chip level testing services and facilities to the other teams.
  3. Surface and Microfluidic Device Innovation Research Team (SMD-1RT) pushes forward TMEC prototypes into commercial products by collaborating with all sectors locally and internationally. The present targets are automated medical screening system with Lab on Disc and Large area Super-hydrophobic film for medical and undersea applications.
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TMEC Service


Build and support sustainable sensor, MEMS, and semiconductor process based industry ecosystem.



  1. Research, development, and production of MEMS (by SIFRT)
  2. Research, development, and production of Bio- and Chemical sensor platform (by SIFRT)
  3. Research, development, and production of Super-hydrophobic film and microfluidic devices (by SMD-1RT)
  4. Research and development of electronics and integrated circuits related to advanced sensors and MEMS (by DSCRT)
  5. Drive TMEC prototypes into innovation products through collaborating with strategic local and international partners
  6. Build and Promote future ecosystem of advanced sensors and MEMS
Microelectronics, TMEC, NECTEC, IC, circuit, CMOS, sensors, nanotechnology
TMEC Research

Core Technology

  1. Semiconductor process technology
  2. Si sensor fabrication technology
  3. MEMS technologies
  4. ISFET platform
  5. Device Design, Modelling, Simulation
  6. Si mold fabrication and Casting technology through Soft-lithography for surface innovation products
  7. Microfluidic devices for lab on chip and on disc
  8. Superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surface fabrication for medical and undersea applications

Challenges and strategy

We want to build Thailand technology industry ecosystem through collaboration with all local and international partners. The value chains will be created through local SME capacity building.

  1. Pre-production of MEMS i.e. Si Microphones, Si MEMs Gyroscope and other related prototypes following TMEC roadmap and TMEC capacity (by SIFRT)
  2. ISFET based Chemical- and bio-sensor array platform for industrial use (by SIFRT)
  3. ISFET based handheld device production for agriculture, environment, and industry (by SIFRT)
  4. Microfluidic device platform for microfilaria in immigrant workers blood samples to meet the requirement of the hospital hubs for high sample volume (SMD-1RT)
  5. Large-area superhydrophobic, superoleophobic film manufacturing (SMD-1RT)
  6. Human resource development for Integrated Circuit design industry (DSCRT)

Research Teams



Thai Microelectronics Center (TMEC)
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