Machines and Power Conversions Research Team (MAP)

Electric motor, motor drive system and power conversion technologies have been widely applied in electrical / electronic devices in both residential and industrial sectors. These technologies can effectively control the use of energy and conveniently convert energy into any appropriate form according to the needs. In fact, the efficient management of electric power is one of the very important factors in every modern society that affect developments in various fields of technology, economy, infrastructure, transportation, industry or environment. Poor or low efficiency energy management in large scale can cause serious impacts to the environment resulting in energy waste and can affect national energy security. From such importance, Motor and Power Conversion Research Team has been established to study and develop technologies related to high efficiency electric motors, high performance motor drive system and high efficiency power conversion systems to effectively control the energy usage and developing intelligence-based system that can meet the future needs of users appropriately for national growth and sustainable technological development.  



To research and develop technologies in electric motor design, motor drive systems, power conversions and energy management systems, and for practical and industrial applications to create integral impacts for the industries, communities, and educational sectors. 


  • Research and development of technologies in high efficiency electric motor, electric motor drive, motor design for general-purpose or specific applications 
  • Research and development of technologies in power conversion, energy management systems, and high efficiency power quality improvements 
  • Create collaboration networks among governmental and private organizations for research and development to create economic and social impacts and knowledge for national sustainable development 

Core Technology / Research Focus

  • Design of high efficiency electric motors
  • Sound and vibration analysis for electric motor design
  • Design of power electronic and motor drive system
  • Power conversion with high frequency switching and high efficiency
  • Power conversion and power management for energy storage systems 
    Multi-level inverters 

Key Projects

  • Electric motorcycle driven by high-speed Switched Reluctance (SR) Motor
  • High efficiency motor for air conditioning system
  • Dental Platform for people with disabilities and elderly patients who use wheelchairs
  • Hybrid power storage system using the battery and the superconducting capacitor


  • Electric motor characteristic test (Static) – currently available for 
    • Induction Motor (IM)
    • Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
    • Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM) 
    • Permanent-Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor (PMA-SynRM)
    • Max torque 200 Nm, Max Current 100 A, Max Voltage 1000 V
  • Acoustic Noise and Vibration Test for Electric Motors
    • Measurements and mitigations for optimal performances
    • Mechanical Sources, Aerodynamic Sources, Electromagnetic Sources
  • Complete Efficiency Map Test for Industrial and Electric Vehicle (EV) applications of ratings upto:
    • Industrial and Electric Vehicle (EV) applications
    • Maximum: 380 kW, 1,800 Nm, 15,000 rpm

Members & Expertise 

  • Nattapon Chayopitak, Ph.D. : Electric motor design, Computer simulation, Control systems 
  • Natchpong Hatti, Ph.D. : High power converters, Energy management, Power electronics 
  • Ruchao Pupadubsin, Ph.D. : Electric motor design, Noise and vibration analysis for electric motor design 
  • Burin Kerdsup, Ph.D. : Electric motor design, Computer simulation, Optimization for electric motor design 
  • Siriya Skolthanarat, Ph.D. : Power quality in power system, Power system modeling, Wind energy grid-interconnection 
  •  Nuntawat Thitichaiworakorn, Ph.D. : (High power converters, Power electronics 
  • Prasit Champa, M.Eng. : Power converter design, PCB design, CAD/CAM design 
  • Prapon Jitkreeyarn, M.Eng. : Motor drive system, Power electronics, Electronics circuit designs 
  • Santipong Karukanan, MEng. : Embedded systems programing, Database system, Computer network system 
  • Surasak Nnuilers, M.Eng. : Power electronics, Applications of embedded systems 
  • Seubsuang Kachapornkul, B.Eng. : Embedded systems programing, Applications of embedded systems, PCB design 
  • Niyom Nulek, B.Eng. : CAD/CAM design, Mechanical design, Product design 
  • Pakasit Somsiri (Research team leader), M.Eng. : Motor drive system, EMC design for motor drive system, Power electronics


Mr.Pakasit Somsiri
Machines and Power Conversions Research Team (MAP)
Advanced Control and Electronics Research Group (ACERG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
email : Pakasit.Somsiri[at]
Tel. : (+66) 02 5646900 ext. 2803