Language and Semantic Technology Research Team (LST)


As a specialized laboratory for natural language processing (NLP) and semantic technology, we are driven to build and strengthen a technological foundation for the processing and automatic understanding of Thai language. Our research of interest includes the collection and construction of linguistic resources, the development of fundamental NLP service platforms, fundamental NLP tools (e.g. electronic dictionaries, word segmentation, parts-of-speech tagging, machine translation, and semantic web). We also employ NLP and semantic technology for advanced knowledge management in local cultural domains.



We endeavor to leverage the research and development of natural language processing and semantic technology in Thailand.


  • To conduct research in natural language processing and semantic technology.
  • To develop fundamental service platforms for natural language processing and semantic technology
  • To disseminate the knowledge, know-hows, and linguistic resources to allied stakeholders

Core Technology

  • Corpus Technology
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Translation
  • Ontology
  • Semantic Web
  • Knowledge Graph

Renow Projects

Members & Expertise 

  • Dr. Prachya Boonkwan; Expertise: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Knowledge Graph
  • Dr. Krit Kosawat; Expertise: Corpus Technology
  • Dr. Nattapol Kritsuthikul; Expertise: AI in Education, NLP Technology, Web service
  • Dr. Kanchana Saengtongpattana; Expertise: Semantic Technology, Wikipedia
  • Dr. Ye Kyaw Thu (Visiting Professor); Expertise: Natural Language Processing (including Myanmar sign language and Myanmar Braille), Machine Translation, Speech Processing and Human Computer Interaction
  • Dr. Akkharawoot Takhom (Postdoc Researcher) ; Expertise: Semantic Web and Ontology Engineering, Collaborative ontology development
  • Ms. Monthika Boriboon; Expertise: Linguistics
  • Mr. Dhanon Leenoi; Expertise: Cognitive Linguistics, WordNet, FrameNet
  • Mr. Taneth Ruagnrajitpakorn; Expertise: : Linguistics Ontology Design
  • Mr. Sittha Phaholphinyo; Expertise: Linguistics
  • Ms. Watchira Buranasing; Expertise: Digital Culture, Semantic Web Technology
  • Ms. Kanyanut Kriengkret; Expertise: Linguistics
  • Mr. Wasan Na Chai; Expertise: AI in Education
  • Ms. Sawittree Jumpathong; Expertise: Natural Language Processing, Corpus Technology
  • Mr. Pisal Taesuwan; Expertise: Corpus Technology
  • Ms. Pattaraporn Meeklai ; Expertise: Digital Culture
  • Mr. Peerachet Porkaew (Study) ; Expertise: Computational Linguistics, AI and NLP


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Artificial Intelligence Research Group (AINRG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
email : ipu[at]
Tel. : (+66) 02 5646900 ext 2246