Intelligent Transport System Research Team (ITS)


Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) focuses on research and development of information technology to manage transportation and traffic for better coordination such as Travel Time Estimation, Anomaly Detection on the road, etc. Information technology makes people convenient and safe. There is also information for planning their trip.

ITS has 4 key components: 
1) Infrastructure 
2) Vehicles 
3) Commuters
4) Roads and environments

Nowadays, Thailand has traffic information such as congestion levels, CCTV footage, and reporting through various social networks. That can be used with ITS technology to make the information more useful, to plan trips, avoid traffic congestion and travel to the destination more conveniently, quickly, and safely.



Leading Research transportation and traffic information processing unit


  • Research and development of information processing technology to increase the quality and efficiency of transportation and traffic
  • Create alliances for joint research and development of intelligent transportation and traffic systems for the country
  • Create academic excellence that meets the needs of society and industry
  • Focus on creating works that are beneficial to the economy and society of the country

Core Technology

  • Traffic Estimation & Prediction
  • Anomaly Detection & Classification
  • Information Visualization
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Stream Processing
  • Scheduling and Optimization
  • Process Simulation
  • Game Theory

Renown Projects

Members & Expertist

  • Wasan Pattaraatikom, Ph.D : Intelligent Transportation Systems Computer, Networks and Telecommunications
  • Napong Wanichayapong : Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Network Programming
  • Attapon Kommangkorn : Programming (PHP, JAVA, Javascript, Python), Android Programming, Web Developer (CSS, HTML, React) , Expert in Database (Postgresql, MySQL, MQSL, MongoDB) Expert in Docker and Docker on Kubernetes, Expert in Back End Development
  • Sumate Phankaweerat : Development Android & IOS applications, Maintenance server
  • Noppadol Chadil : IoT, Embedded device programming
  • Kommanat Prombamrung : IOS Development and Line Chatbot Development
  • Kongkiat Kantasri : Android front-end Development, Natural Language Processing
  • Pitiphum Posawang : Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Deep learning
  • Tanachot Tubtim : Natural Language Processing
  • Titikorn Prechaborisutkul : Line Chatbot Development


Wasan Pattaraatikom, Ph.D
Intelligent Transport System Research Team (ITS)
Communications and Networks Research Group (CNWRG)
email: wasan.pattara-atikom[at] ,
and traffyteam[at]
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