Location and Automatic Identification System Research Team (LAI)


Our team was founded based on the vision of connectivity of IoT and Embedded computer systems into intelligent things. We focus on applications of wireless technologies for location/positioning systems and automatic identification. Knowing the location and identification of humans and/or things can provide helpful information about agriculture, logistics, healthcare, and robotics.



A Leading Technology Partner for Indoor Positioning Solution


Specialized in advanced electronic sensors, embedded technologies, interconnection components, and system solutions which can be essential applications in the era of the Internet of Things

  • Location of Things with “high accuracy.”
  • Identification of Things

Core Technology

  • Ultra-wideband
  • Real-time localization System
  • RFID
  • Wired and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Sensor Signal Processing

Renown Projects

  • unai: a platform for indoor localization
  • Museum Pool: a Platform for museum/exhibition’s content management

Members & Expertise 

  • La-or Kovavisaruch Ph.D. : Signal Processing, Localization
  • Tanee Demeechai Ph.D. : signal processing, communications, instrumentation, radar, wireless localization
  • Krit Athikulwongse Ph.D. : Embedded System, Computer Architecture, VLSI design, UWB Sensors, Sensor Network
  • Tiwat Pongthavornkamol Ph.D. : wireless communications, radar signal Processing
  • Kriangkrai Maneerat Ph.D. : signal Processing, optimization, system design for localization
  • Suwannee Phoojaruenchanachai : Physical Optics and Photonics
  • Charuwalee Suwatthikul : Network Protocol, Embedded Software, Java, Mobile App (Android)
  • Supatra Manatrinon : Embedded System, Sensors, Analog circuit
  • Taweesak Sanpechuda : Communication Protocol
  • Sodsai Wisadsud : Micro Controller, Firmware, PCB Design
  • Thitipong wongsatho : Micro Controller, iOS Application Programming
  • Witsarawat Chantaweesomboon : Programming Software (C, C++, Java), Image processing, Computer Architecture, Feedback Control System
  • Krisada Chinda : Micro Controller, Android Programming
  • Ladawan klinkusoom : Communication Networking, Wireless
  • Juthatip Wisanmongkol : Wireless resource allocation
  • Sambat Lim : Programming, PHP, JAVA


Location and Automatic Identification System Research Team (LAI)
Communications and Networks Research Group (CNWRG) 
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
E-mail: cnwrg-lai[at]nectec.or.th
Tel: (+66) 02 5646900