Information Security Research Team (SEC)


Drawing on expertise in information security and related fields, our team conducts interdisciplinary research which exploits multiple domains of knowledge such as information technology, social science and legal study in order to achieve national goals including government and industrial sectors.



Our research team receives nationwide recognition and acceptance in the area of information security as well as being a hub of information security research corresponding to institute’s strategic plan and national research paradigm.


Conducting research in the field of information security

  • Being center in building solid knowledge foundations and understanding in information security research for government agencies, private sectors and educational institutions.
  • Initiating and maintaining healthy relationships with government agencies, private sectors and educational institutions in Thailand as well as other nations in Asia.
  • Creating economic and social impacts which are resulted from digital assets protection.
  • Emphasizing active research and green ICT

Core Technology

  • Access Control
  • Network Security
  • Software Security
  • Security Policy and Regulation

Renown Projects

  • Four-factor Authentication System
  • Secured e-Voting system
  • IoT Security Framework
  • Mobile Device Management System
  • Spam Countermeasure System

Members & Expertise 

  • Chalee Vorakulpiat, PhD : Access Control, Software Security, Security Policy and Standard
  • Sineenat Tienkouw Watanavisit : System Analysis, Project Management, Innovation Management
  • Ekkachan Rattanalerdnusorn : Network Security, Software Security, Security Policy and Standard
  • Nuttapong Sanglerdsinlapachai : Artificial Intelligence (On leave for PhD study at SIIT/JAIST)
  • Phithak Thaenkaew : Network Security, HPC (On leave for research at China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd, China)
  • Montida Pattaranantakul : Quantum Cryptography, Network Virtualization, Network Security (On leave for PhD study at IMT Lille Douai, France)
  • Visut Savangsuk : System Development
  • Soontorn Sirapaisan : Virtualization Technology, Cloud Security, Cryptography (On leave for PhD study at University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Kajornsak Piyoungkorn : Network Security, HPC
  • Sasakorn Pichetjamroen : Access Control, Network Security, Biometric Authentication
  • Siriboon Chaisawat : Blockchain
  • Purawit Phacharoen : Network Security


Information Security Research Team (SEC)
Communications and Networks Research Group (CNWRG) 
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
email : cnwrg-sec[at]
Tel: (+66) 02 5646900