Data-Driven Simulation and Systems Research Team (DSS)


Every day, there are many incidents that need decisions. Good decisions are made when the outcomes can be accurately predicted. In turn, Good prediction leads to good decisions that solve problems hindering work processes.

In business and industry, accurate predictions can benefit a company’s profits and sustainability. Moreover, good predictions benefit the country’s resource management and sustainable development.

More accurate predictions, arising from mathematical models that use a high level of modeling technology, need high performance computing technology, real-time or near real-time data processing and highly advanced mathematics to assimilate data into simulations.

The Data-Driven Simulation and Systems Research Team is working to reduce the degree of uncertainty in predictions so that this may lead to more efficient decision-making and the development of further innovations.



Leader in model-based prediction technology and innovation generation


  • Research/development on model-based prediction technology
  • Transfer knowledge in prediction technology to private & public sectors
  • Develop long-term competence in prediction technology

Core Technology

  • Advanced numerical techniques, data processing and modeling
  • Large-scale optimization, inverse problems and data assimilation
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Cloud computing and HPC in processing model-based prediction
  • Event-Driven Architecture
  • Visualization

Renown Projects

  • KitWai: Large-scale Data Analytics Platform on Cloud
  • BigStream: Real-time Data Management Platform
  • RakNam: Saltwater Intrusion Forecasting and Scenarios-based Systems for Estuarine Saltwater Intrusion Management
  • TanRabad: Software Suite for Enhancing Infectious Disease Epidemic Control Performance
  • TanPibut: Software Suite for Enhancing Natural Disaster Management
  • Heat and Freeze: Energy Efficiency Diagnostic and Analysis Systems and Services for Industrial Dryers, Ovens, Toasters and Freezers

Members & Expertise 

  • Sirod Sirisup ,Ph.D. : Environmental and Industrial flow modeling and analysis, Data analytic, Data assimilation and large scale optimization
  • Naiyana Sahavechaphan, Ph.D. : Software Engineering, Database, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Code Mining & Ranking, Data Integration across heterogeneous sources
  • Ekasit Kijsipongse, Ph.D. : Parallel Programming and Algorithms, Distributed and Cloud computing
  • Saifhon Tomkratoke : Forest hydrology, Hydrodynamic simulation, GIS application
  • Suriya U-ruekolan : High Performance Computing Technology (Cluster Computing, Grid Computing), Security for Distributed System
  • Teppatat Pantuphag : Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics
  • Jedsada Phengsuwan : Distributed system, Web Services, Data Grid Caching, Internet GIS, Database, Object Oriented Design (OOD)
  • Kamron Aroonrua : Big Data, Software Engineering, Database Technology, Computer Networking
  • Siriwat Kongkulsiri : Mathematical Modeling, Data QA/QC
  • Jukkrapong Ponharn : Web Application .Net 2.0, c#, Java, JavaScript, Database, PHP, Jquery, WP Mobile Application
  • Manot Rattananen : Web Programming, Java Programming, Database, Programming for GIS
  • Krit Punpreuk : Databases, Performance Testing, System Administrator
  • Theerapong Khattiyawong : Web Programming, Java Programming, Android Programming
  • Phattharat Songthung : Data Analytics, Data Mining


Data-Driven Simulation and Systems Research Team (DSS)
Data Science and Analytics Research Group (DSARG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
email : dss[at]
Tel. : (+66) 02 5646900 ext. 2276