Smart Machine and Mixed Reality (SMR)


Smart Machine and Mixed Reality (SMR) Research Team works in a research area of advanced robotics and automation technology. In the near future, since an advance in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and microprocessor technology, smart machines or robots will likely be smarter and can do more complex tasks as never before. Moreover, demand of smart robots is raising since Thailand is becoming an aging society. However, there are still some limitations that make robots are not quite there yet. These areas are still opened and needed more research and studies to be able to reach them. Thus, SMR focuses on research and development of AI and other related fields of robotic. 


In the past, SMR had a collaboration with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in Generator Inspection Vehicle (GIV) project. The GIV is a mobile robot, which is designed to be inserted between a narrow gap of a generator’s rotor and stator. The first version of the GIV has been being used in maintenance service of power generators by EGAT since 2015 until now. 

In addition, SMR is currently working on projects related to smart factory, such as mobile robot, inspection robot, etc. There will be more needed of these robots in Thailand’s industry sector in order to move towards the industry 4.0 era in the future. Another technology trend, which SMR is also interested, is Digital Engineering. The Digital Engineering technology includes Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which is a bridge between virtual and real world. These technologies, AR and VR, help users to be able to see and understand complex tasks as well as giving them better experience in interacting with information in cyber world, which improve their work efficiency. 


To be a research team that excellence in development of smart automation system with Artificial Intelligence and Digital Engineering technologies as well as building innovation together with local and overseas alliances. 


  • To research, develop, and engineering design to build innovation in Robotics, AI and Digital Engineering fields. 
  • To work with an alliance for sustainable development of automation systems that have been used in industry. 
  • To support the missions of Sustainable Manufacturing Center (SMC) to help industry sectors.

Core Technology

  • Service Robot for professional use 
  • Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • 3D Inspection Robot
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot

Renown Projects

  • Industrial Prototype – Generator Inspection Vehicle v.1 (2015) and v.2 (2020) 
  • Industrial Prototype – Combine Harvester and Excavator Virtual Reality Simulator (2018) 
  • Industrial Prototype – Planning Algorithm for Gas Turbine Spare Part Management (2013) 
  • Industrial Prototype – Steel Rod Cutting Management Software v.1 (2012) and v.2 (2018) 
  • Commercial Prototype – Slide Staining Machine v.1 (2013) and v.2 (2017) 
  • Industrial Prototype – CNC Controller for Milling and Turning Machine (2010) 
  • Field Prototype – UAV for Wild Fire Monitoring (2020) 

Members & Expertise

  • Mr. Kittipong Ekkachai, Ph.D. : Optimization, Man-Machine Interface, Neural Network 
  • Mr. Wutthiphat Covanich, Ph.D. : Reconfigurable manufacturing system, Digital Real-Time Control System, Machine Vision 
  • Mr. Pished Bunnun, Ph.D. : Augmented Reality, Machine Vision, Digital Real-Time Control System, Robot Operating System 
  • Mr. Wuttikorn Chaopramualkul : Motion Control System, CNC & PLC System, Embedded Programming 
  • Mr. Udom Komin : Automated Manufacturing System, Multi-Axis Motion control, Fuzzy Systems, Adaptive Control, Robot Control 
  • Mr. Prakob Komeswarakul : Embedded System, Modbus RTU 
  • Mr. Apicit Tantaworrasilp, Ph.D : Robot Design, Embedded System 
  • Mr. Pongsakorn Seekhao, Ph.D : Man-Machine Interface, Motion Control, Channel Coding in Communications 
  • Mr. Sirichai Nithi-uthai, Ph.D. : Machine Design , Robot Control 
  • Mr. Phanuphan Kwansud : Wiring, SCH & PCB Design, CAD/CAM Design 
  • Mr. Cherdsak Kingkan, Ph.D. : Deep Learning, Signal Processing, Machine Vision 
  • Mr. Teesid Leelasawassuk, Ph.D. : Image Processing, Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition, Gaze Detection 
  • Mr. Vitvasin Vimolmongkolporn (Education Leave): Mechanical Design, Virtual Reality 
  • Mr. Pichet Pudson : Man-Machine Interface 
  • Mr. Satawat Prakancharoen : Mechanical Design 
  • Mr. Rachan Chaihan : Mechanical Design, Embedded System 
  • Mr. Sukkpranhachai Gatesichapakorn : Robot Operating System, SLAM 


Smart Machine and Mixed Reality (SMR)
Industrial IoT and Automation Research Group (IIARG) 
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
Tel: (+66) 02-564-6900 

email : smr[at]