Solar Energy Technology Research Team (SLT)


Research and development of High-Efficiency Crystalline Solar Cells (Silicon, Hybrid tandem), Thin films and emerging materials and devices including Perovskite Solar Cells, Thin film processing technique (PECVD, MOCVD), PV measurements and characterization, PV reliability testing and analysis, PV/ Hybrid System design and integration, PV modeling and simulation

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The World-class Alliance in R&D on Solar Energy Technology


SLT is focusing on photovoltaic R&D and E which are effective in promoting Solar Energy Usage

Core Technology

  • Solar cells fabrication technology
    Research and development of solar cells and related materials for high efficiency solar cells with low temperature coefficient for using in tropical climate region. Thin film silicon on glass and flexible substrate, silicon heterojunction solar cells, perovskite solar cells. Silicon and glass surface texturization, high transparent Indium tin oxide films etc.
  • Performance analysis and reliability of PV module and system
    Long-term reliability of PV module and system in tropical climate region. PV fault detection and degradation analysis
  • Simulation and forecasting PV power output
    Modelling for forecasting short-term and long-term electricity power output from PV system. Solar irradiance forecasting by weather forecasting technology (WRF).
  • Product development and PV technology application
    Development of Colorful PV that can be used as BIPV (Building integrated photovoltaic), which produces electricity and also reduces heat transmission into building.

Renown Projects

solar cell

  • Flexible solar cells on polyimide substrate with the area of 10 cm × 10 cm, power 0.27 W (Voc = 10.3 V, Isc = 45.2 mA, FF = 0.58, Eff = 5.9%)

Solar cell

  • Silicon Heterojunction solar cells on n-type crystalline substrate, area = 1 cm× 1 cm, efficiency = 20.2% (Voc = 694 mV, Jsc = 37 mA/cm2, and FF = 0.79)
  • Silicon heterojunction (SHJ) interdigitated back-contacted (IBC) solar cells (SHJ-IBC), area =1.5 cm× 1.5 cm efficiency =18.3% (Voc = 707 mV, Jsc = 35.7 mA/cm2, and FF = 0.73)

Solar cell

  • SLT have evaluated long-term performance and reliability of 4 different PV technologies which have been installed at Sirindhorn Science Home, Thailand Science Park since 2012. This work is the collaboration between NECTEC and TABUCHI ELECTRIC Company.

Solar Might

  • SolarMight is a software tool (Android Application) for simulating the electricity production of a PV system based on information models and simulation methodologies. It provides informative data which can assist users’ decision prior to PV system installation. The prediction model which is optimum for high temperature region like Thailand has been developed and applied in this work.

Members & Expertise 

  • Kobsak Sriprapha D.Eng.: Development of photovoltaic technologies for tropical climate, Thin-film silicon solar cells, PECVD/ PVD process, Characterization of photovoltaic system
  • Jaran Sritharathikhun D.Eng.: Development of thin-film and crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell, Deposition and characterization of thin-film silicon (Si-based alloys) and perovskite materials.
  • Amornrat Limmanee D.Eng.: Fabrications of multi-crystalline Si solar cell and thin-film Si solar cell, Preparation and property analysis of a-Si, a-SiO, a-SiN, a-SiCN, µc-Si, µc-SiO thin films, Characterization of photovoltaic modules and systems, Performance and reliability test of photovoltaic cells, modules and systems, Simulation of photovoltaic performance under tropical climate condition, Development of photovoltaic modules suiting for tropical climate
  • Taweewat Krajangsang D.Eng.: Solar cell materials, Thin-film silicon solar cell, Crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells
  • Aswin Hongsingthong D.Eng.: Thin-film silicon solar cells, ZnO material, PECVD, PVD and MOCVD processes, Characterization of thin-film materials, Semiconductor Physics and devices, PV system design
  • Nopphadol Sitthiphol Ph.D: Inspection & Testing PV module and system, PV water pumping, PV tracking system and PV string auto cleaning
  • Songkiate Kittisontirak Ph.D: PV module development, PV system and application, PV system design and evaluation (On grid, off grid, Hybrid and Micro grid), PV Monitoring method, PV Modelling and Simulation of PV System
  • Perawut Chinnavornrungsee M.Eng: PV system and application, PV failure analysis by EL techniques, PV system design and evaluation (On grid, off grid, Hybrid and Micro grid), Simulation of PV System, PV power and solar irradiance forecasting


Solar Energy Technology Research Team (SLT)
Spectroscopic and Sensing Devices Research Group (SSDRG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
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