Educational Technology Research Team (EDT)


The Educational Technology Research Team (EDT) is a research group that focuses on the development of STEM education equipment which promote students’ computational thinking skills as well as those relevant for the future through the use of leading-edge technologies.



Learners will receive experience through the grasping and assimilation of new concepts, instilling essential 21st century skills to enable them to become digital citizens.


The Educational Technology Research Team aims to utilize emerging technologies to enhance effective STEM teaching and learning.

Technologies utilized /Research concepts

  • Hardware and Software Integration
    Design and develop STEM education tools and platforms which integrates hardware and software in an efficient manner, e.g., the KidBright board and IDE’s design for combined use to teach coding.
  • Firmware Design
    Design firmware-level software to control the operation of a device or a STEM education platform. For example, the firmware that enables the KidBright board to connect to both on-board and external electronic sensors, and the firmware which controls the KidBright AI educational platform to connect to external sensors.
  • Embedded System Design
    Design electronic circuits for embedded systems. For instance, the KidBright boards, meteorological measurement stations, and KidBright AI platforms are designed to allow for connection to extension boards developed by anyone as well as all operate within the same system.
  • Signal Processing
    Develop algorithms that uses signal processing technology to optimize STEM education devices and platforms, such as the processors on the KidBright Al education platform.
  • Open Educational Platform
    Develop an open STEM education platform in which technological aspects are easily expandable. For instance, the KidBright coding board and KidBright Al educational platform are designed to support technological enhancements by the community. Additionally, the PLAYGROUND web application allows weather data gathered from sensors connected to meteorological stations to be accessed by all.

Featured works / currently in service and plans for the year 2021-2023

  • Coding at School
    Promotion in learning of Computing Science with KidBright boards for schools in Bangkok and schools under OBEC all over the country.
  • Coding for All
    Extension of Computing Science education with the KidBright board to schools for the deaf and schools for disabilities across the country.
  • Coding for CLMV
    Extension of KidBright coding classes and usage to schools in Myanmar and Laos.
  • Coding for EECI
    Extension of Computing Science education with KidBright Boards to schools in the EEC area.
  • Data Science at School
    A project which promoted learning of Computing Science through Internet of Things technology and data processing.
  • AI at School
    A project which promoted the learning of artificial intelligence in schools, enabling students in high school to understand the process of artificial intelligence as well as providing them with methods to create and implement artificial intelligence models by themselves.


Members & Expertise 

  • Apichart Intarapanich : Signal processing
  • Saowaluck Kaewkamnerd : Image processing
  • Dusadee Treeumnuk : Signal processing, Hardware design
  • Anuchit Leelayuttho : Hardware Design, Embedded Linux Software
  • Surapol Tan-a-ram : Signal processing
  • Wuthipong Pornsukjantra : Signal processing
  • Somphong Kittipiyakul : Software development
  • Thundluck Sereevoravitkul : Software development


Educational Technology Research Team (EDT)
Communications and Networks Research Group (CNWRG) 
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
E-mail: cnwrg-edt[at]