Human Behaviour Analytics Research Team (HBA)


Human health-related data are being generated daily with modern-day technological advancements. Trends of interest in health promotion, coupled with an ever more possible and accessible health data collection, have guided us to spot new opportunities in Thais  health promotion throughout varying age ranges, using technology. Our projects range from data engineering for longitudinal study to personalised decision support systems in healthcare, such as the food recommendation system for optimal nutrient intake, and the children’s health screening system for proper physical development. HBA focuses on researching technologies for integrating, managing, processing, and analysing health and human behaviour data. We aim to advance our technologies in order to respond to our healthcare alliance’s technological request for support and improve the healthcare of Thai people both individually and nationally.



To promote the good health for Thai people through data innovation


  • Create a platform for monitoring Thai health and lifestyle information
  • Collaborate and create research networks both domestically and internationally in order to build on the knowledge about health monitoring and predicting technology
  • Develop the skills of personnel in health promotion and transfer knowledge to the general public

Core Technology

  • Predictive Health and Lifestyle Analytics
  • Human Behaviour Analysis
  • Optimisation and Data Mining
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Blockchain-based Traceability Systems
  • Health and Wellness Analytics Platform
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Renown Projects

  • SizeThailand : The Standard Sizes of Thai People Measured Using 3D Technology
  • FoodiEat : a Mobile Application for Recording and Analyzing Dietary Habits and Exercises for Thai People
  • Thai School Lunch: a Recommendation System for Lunch Planning in Thai School System
  • KidDiary: a Growth Diary Application for Health Screening of Children Physical Development

Members & Expertise 

  • Supiya Charoensiriwath, Ph.D : Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Adaptive Clustering Algorithms, Recommender Systems
  • Pimwadee Chaovalit Awad, Ph.D : Data Mining, Data Analytics
  • Nantaporn Ratisoontorn, Ph.D : Mathematical Modeling and Optimisation, Game Theory, Stochastic Processes and Applied Statistics
  • Suporn Pongnumkul , Ph.D :  Human-Computer Interaction, Blockchain
  • Nida Chatwattanasiri, Ph.D : System Reliability & Maintenance Modeling Optimisation
  • Apatha Peethong : UX/UI, 3D Visualisation
  • Parut Bunporn : Web Development, Data Processing, Database Management, Data Analytics
  • Pongsak Tiyanunti : Web Development, Geographic Information System, Data Analytics, Database Management
  • Korawat Phonyiam : Data Analytics
  • Piyawan Thongploy : Web Development, Chatbot Development
  • Kaseamsan Kaveewattanaku : Web Development, Data Analytics
  • Nuttasit Kaewthong : Web Development
  • Pracha Mookchokwattana : Web Development
  • Atima Tharatipyakul, Ph.D : Human-Computer Interaction
  • Kamonnit Saiwan :  Food Composition Data management and Nutrition


Human Behaviour Analytics Research Team (HBA)
Data Science and Analytics Research Group (DSARG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
Tel.: (+66) 2-564-6900 ext. 72291, 2541