Knowledge Elicitation and Archiving Research Team (KEA)


Big Data is one of the key issues in many nations including Thailand. Big data is huge in volume but also huge in benefits to many people and organizations when used with predictive analytics. This technology, especially in Geospatial and Social Network can enable government and business to take strategic decision and lead to better societies.

Cloud computing is also another enabling technology that allows users to get the results of their application quickly and conveniently. It can minimize hardware failures and data loss because of automatic networked backups and scalabilities. Using these remote resources save organizations the personnel and infrastructure cost.

We (KEA) believe in the modern IT approach to solve our nation’s problems. We design and develop nation-wide applications, systems and technology for not only government policy makers but also farmers, enterprises, general users and everyone to have access to key analytics information.



Leader in Big Data Analytics, with focused on predictive modeling and recommendation systems that help accelerate nation’s missions and objective, such as in agriculture, healthcare and securities applications.


  • Research/development on Data Science, i.e. Data Mining, Statistical Inference, Visual Analytics
  • Be an excellent research team supporting nation’s needs for success

Core Technology

  • Agricultural Land Use Optimization by Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Earth Observation Data Processing and Applications
  • GIS Map Analysis & Visualization
  • Graph Network Analysis & Visualization

Renown Projects

  • Agri-Map by What2Grow: Nation-wide crop recommendation system in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Online Version ( ) and Mobile Version (iOS & Android)
  • What2Grow: Cloud-based System for agricultural data layers storage and analysis. Large scale web Map Application for crop, soil, weather, marketplace, economics, logistics and other related information.
  • IDA: Intelligence Data Link Analysis, Graph mining system and software for national securities

Members & Expertise 

  • Noppadon Khiripet, Ph.D. (Principal Researcher) : Graph Mining, Geospatial Data Analytics
  • Jutarat Khiripet (Researcher) : Datamining, Workflow Analytics
  • Wongnaret Khantuwan (Research Assistant) : Data Science, Network Analytics
  • Sorawat Prapanitisatian (Research Assistant) : Web Map Design, Cloud Engineer
  • Kittisak Saadaem (Research Assistant): Cloud Engineer, System Administration
  • Narin Thipayang (Research Assistant): GUI, Web Programming
  • Titirat Boonchuaychu (Research Assistant): Data preparation, Backend Programming
  • Kirtsana Suwankajohn (Research Assistant): System Administration, Programming
  • Ronnachit Samamorn (Research Assistant): GIS Data preparation and processing
  • Tosawon Ngamnet (Research Assistant): GIS modeling, Data Analytics


Knowledge Elicitation and Archiving Research Team (KEA)
Data Science and Analytics Research Group (DSARG)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
email : dsarg-kea[at]
Tel : (+66) 2-564-6900 ext 2226