NECTEC Talk : Geospatial Data Analysis with High-Performance Computing


You are invited to join the seminar on “Geospatial Data Analysis with High-Performance Computing”

Earth Observation data is a crucial source of Big Data that can be applied in various ways, including the surveillance and prediction of events on the Earth’s surface such as disasters and climate change, agricultural land use, plant health surveillance, and urban development planning. Earth Observation data may originate from satellites, drones, or aerial photographs taken from airplanes, and there are significant challenges in managing, storing, and modeling such data to exploit its potential.

This seminar will provide attendees with information demonstrating the capabilities of Open Data Cube (ODC), an open-source Geospatial Data Management & Analysis Platform with high-speed computing capabilities (High-Performance Computing). Attendees will learn about ways to use and share analyzed geospatial data for maximum benefit and opportunities for cooperation and access to research funding sources with foreign agencies.

Date: Friday 19th May 2023 
Time: 9.00-10.40 AM

at Bussakorn Conference Room, NECTEC NSTDA (50 limited seats)
and Facebook Live Streaming: NECTEC NSTDA

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