Strategic Analytics Networks with Machine Learning and AI (SAI)

Strategic Analytics Networks with Machine Learning and AI Research Team (SAI) is a part of Data Science and Analytics Research Unit (DSARU). As Thailand is moving toward digital transformation, government and private organizations have been increasingly using data for decision-makings. However, many organizations still encounter three pain points: 1) many data utilizations are still performed in ad hoc manners, 2) lacking a reliable and sustainable platform for Big Data Analytics and 3) lacking experienced data scientist teams to analyze insights and derive propositions to move the country forward. The SAI team has been established to gradually and sustainably address these pain points using expertise in data engineering, data integration, data analytics and data visualization using a combination of technologies including applied artificial intelligence.


To strategically and collaboratively drive Thailand using Data Science


  • Critical data product prototyping
  • Co-creation
  • Tools & Platforms development
  • Data scientist incubator

Core Technology

  • Data engineering and data integration
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Semantic Technology

Renown Project

  • Thai People Map and Analytics Platform (TPMAP) with Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (URL: )
  • Electronic Monitoring and Evaluation System of National Strategy and Country Reform (eMENSCR) with Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (URL: )
  • Open Data Service Platform (Open-D) (URL: )
  • Tax Prediction Model with Revenue Department
  • National Farmer Registration Repository (FAARMLink) with Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
  • TanRabad: The software supports proactive dengue prevention and control
  • Stock Trader Behavioral Analytic System with Stock Exchange of Thailand
Cinque Terre
TPMAP : Thai People Map and Analytics Platform (URL: )

Members & Expertise

  • Mr. Suttipong Thajchayapong, Ph.D : Anomaly Detection, Signal Processing, Strategic Data Analytics, Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Mr. Anon Plangprasopchok, Ph.D : Social Network Analysis, Constraint Clustering, Data Mining, Information Integration
  • Miss Pattravadee Ploykitikoon, Ph.D : Technology Management, Operational Research, Service Innovation, Technology Selection
  • Miss Navaporn Surasvadi, Ph.D : Operations Management, Strategic Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Spatial Science
  • Mr. Chaiyakorn Yingsaeree, Ph.D : Computational Finance, Computational Linguistic, Data Mining, Business Analytics
  • Mr. Chainarong Amornbunchornvej, Ph.D : Data Science, Time Series Analysis, Data Mining, Theoretical Computer Science, Bioinformatics
  • Miss Nithipat Wongchingchai : Requirement Engineering, Object-oriented analysis and design, Database Design
  • Mr. Wisit Wongwilai : SW Architecture, SOA, Data Integration and Exchange, BI, SW Development
  • Mr. Patipat Tumsangthong : Open Data, Data Engineer, Data Cleansing, Big Data Integration
  • Mr. Weerachai Chansud : Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Spatial science
  • Mr. Ratthapoom Niraswan : Data Engineer, Full-stack Web Developer: JavaScript, HTML5, node.js
  • Mr. Paramet Tanwanont : Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineer, Financial Analytics
  • Miss Asamaporn Chatrattikorn : Data Integration, Data Warehouse, Requirement Analysis, Web Services Development
  • Mr. Chaiyaphum Siripanpornchana : Deep learning, Spatial science, Data mining
  • Miss Pattarajit Wongkrung : Web Development (PHP, node.js), Spatial science
  • Mr. Ugyen Jigten Dorji : Data Science, Front-end web development
  • Miss Tanawat Phromma : Infographic Design
  • Miss Pattama Krataithong : Study leave on Ph.D in Data Integration Platform for Smart City
  • Miss Pawarat Nontasil : Study leave on Ph.D in Cognitive Science


Strategic Analytics Networks with Machine Learning and AI research team (SAI)
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
email : dsaru-sai[at]
Tel: (+66) 2-564-6900 ext. 2494
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