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  Call for Papers for C5

ICCE Conference on Game and
Toy Enhanced Learning and Society (GTEL&S)

November 28, 2011 (Monday) to December 2, 2011 (Friday)
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Organized by Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education

Hosted by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand

     In response to the emerging research diversity, ICCE2011 will be a meta-conference, a conference of collocated theme-based conferences. This is the Call for Papers for the theme-based conference, C5: ICCE Conference on GTEL&S, standing for 'Game and Toy Enhanced Learning and Soceity'. The spurring interest in deriving pedagogical principles and design from video games and digital toys offers a new angle of designing 'how to learn' in the future. More specifically, GTEL&S puts 'why to learn' (motivation and engagement) as a prominent element in our design. How to relate that element with other elements: 'how well to learn' (learning performance), 'what to learn' (domain knowledge), 'what to learn with' (computer programs or digital toys, virtual characters or robots), 'where to learn' (physical settings or online), and 'who to learn with' (individuals or teams) are the fundamental issues of investigation. Such endeavor will lead to significant extension of the horizon of technology enhanced learning research.
     The scope of the GTEL&S will cover but not be limited to:
  • Foundation and Theory for Design
  • Evaluation
  • Case Studies and Exemplars
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Characters
  • Virtual Storytelling and Game Narrative
  • Multiplayer and Social Game Design
  • Simulation and Animation
  • Entertainment Robots and Digital Toys for Education
  • Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Interface
  • Training
  • Sport
  • Non-Visual Senses (Smelling, Touching, Hearing)
  • Mobile Games and its Linking to Online Games
  • Location-Based Games and Ubiquitous Technology
  • Identity, Roles, and Role-Playing
  • Optimal Experience and Flow
  • Engagement and Emotion
  • Collaboration, Competition and Communities
  • Social and Cultural Aspect
  • Wii-Like Learning Technology
Program Co-chairs
  Ming-Puu CHEN, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan (Executive PC-Chair)
Maiga CHANG, Athabasca University, Canada
Muhammet DEMIRBILEK, Educational Technology at Suleyman Demirel University,Turkey
PC members
  Johannes BUFE, Goethe University, Germany
Tak-Wai CHAN, National Central University, Taiwan
Zhi-Hong CHEN, National Central University, Taiwan
Sara DE FREITAS, The Serious Games Institute, UK
Julia GILLEN, Lancaster University, UK
Toshihiro HAYASHI, Kagawa University, Japan
Wu-Yuin HWANG, National Central University, Taiwan
Mingfong JAN, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Morris S.-Y. JONG, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong-Kong
Dr. KINSHUK, Athabasca University, Canada
Ah-Choo KOO, Multimedia University, Malaysia
Ingeborg KRANGE, University of Oslo, Norway
Rita KUO, Ming-Dao University, Taiwan
Pilar LACASA, University of Alcala, Spain
Fong-Lok LEE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong-Kong
Hsiao-Yu LEE, Far East University, Taiwan
Jimmy LEE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong-Kong
Jiunde LEE, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Kuo-Chen LI, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
Yi LI, Nanjing Normal University, China
Eric Zhi-Feng LIU, National Central University, Taiwan
Hiroyuki MITSUHARA, Tokushima University, Japan
Wolfgang MUELLER, University of Education Weingarten, Germany
Adam MURRAY, Tokai University, Japan
Junjie SHANG, Peking University, China
Ju-Ling SHIH, National University of Tainan, Taiwan
Wing-Wah Simon SO, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
Masato SOGA, Wakayama University, Japan
Songsri SORANASTAPORN, Mahidol University, Thailand
Masanori SUGIMOTO, University of Tokyo, Japan
Hiroyuki TARUMI, Kagawa University, Japan
Gee-Kin YEO, Society of Simulation and Gaming of Singapore, Singapore
Important Dates
Event Submission Acceptance Notification Final Version Due
Conference Papers
(Full / Short / Poster papers)
May 13, 2011
Extend to May 27, 2011
July 29, 2011 -
Workshop Proposals June 20, 2011 June 27, 2011 -
Work-in-Progress Poster (WIPP) Papers August 27, 2011 September 3, 2011 October 8, 2011
Workshop Papers August 27, 2011 September 3, 2011 October 8, 2011
Tutorial Proposals August 8, 2011 August 20, 2011 -
Interactive Event Proposals August 8, 2011 August 22, 2011  
Theme-Based Early-Career Researchers Symposium (ECRS) Proposals August 27, 2011 September 3, 2011 October 8, 2011