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 Accepted Workshop Papers

The 19th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2011

November 28, 2011 (Monday) to December 2, 2011 (Friday)
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Organized by Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education

Hosted by National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand

WS1: Technology Enhanced Language Learning (7 accepted papers)
# Title Authors


The Developments of EFL Vocabulary Sizes of High School Students in Taiwan

Hong-Fa Ho


The Application of Multimedia Strategies for Learning Chinese Characters

Ming-Puu Chen, Hsiu-Ju Chen, and Yu-Chu Chen


The Influence of Digital Storybooks to the Learning Attitudes of Students with Reading Disabilities

Wen-Chen Chiang, Yu-Jen Hsu, and Ju-Ling Shih


Technology Implementation: A Conceptual Framework Derived from the Use of Audio Podcasting and EFL Student Perceptions

Aubrey Neil Leveridge, Mei-Jen Audrey Shih, and Jie-Chi Yang


Analyzing Students’ Eye Movements of their EFL Reading with Concept Mapping Strategy

Pei-Lin Liu, Pang-Cheng Wen, Meng-Lung Lai, and Chiu-Jung Chen


Mobile assisted game-based Chinese Character Recognition

Lung-Hsiang Wong, and Ching-Kun Hsu


A Study of Mobile-assisted Photo-taking for English Phrase Learning Pei-Lin Liu, Li-Huei Ju, Chiu-Jung Chen, and Pang-Chen Wen
WS2: The Trends, Design, and Evaluation of Science Educational Game (7 accepted papers)
# Title Authors


Elementary School Science Teachers’ Experiences, Attitudes and Perspectives on Digital Games and Using Digital Educational Games in Science Classrooms

I-Hua Chung, Chao-Shen Cheng, Chi-Hsuan Mai, and Ying-Tien Wu


Designing a Web-Based Drill Game to Improve Learners’ Resources Classification Abilities: A Case Study

Yi-Chun Lin, Ya-Hui Hsieh, Huei-Tse Hou, Yu-Shan Yen, Yi-Shiuan Chou, and Hao Chen


The Design of Multi-User BCI Game System

Hsiao-Shen Wang, and Ming-Liang Ji


Save the Forests: A Pilot Study of a Role-Playing Game for Environmental Education

Ming-Chaun Li, Huei-Tse Hou, Yi-En Kuo, Kai-Hsiang Yu, and Cheng-Han Yang


From Speaking to Acting - Enhancing Interactivities of Learning in the 3D Virtual Worlds

Ming-Shiou Kuo, Tsung-Yen Chuang, Chi-Syan Lin, and Chih-Chia Chou


Integrating Educational Computer Games in Science Teaching: In-Service Science Teachers’ Perspectives

Chi-Hsuan Mai, Chao-Shen Cheng, and Ying-Tien Wu


Preliminary Investigation on a Theoretical Framework for Evaluation of Serious Educational Games

Meng-Tzu Cheng, and Chang-Hung Chung

WS3: Real Education in Virtual Worlds (8 accepted papers)
# Title Authors


Using Second Life® for Teaching Genetics Laboratory Sessions to Undergraduates

Suzanne Lavelle, Paul Rudman, and Annette Cashmore


Development of 3D Virtual Math Games on Second Life

Indy Y.T. Hsiao, Irene Y.S. Li, Jeff J.S. Huang, Stephen J.H. Yang, Ellis S.J. Fu


Lessons Learned from the Birth and Evolution of a Virtual Community for Educators

Kim Holmberg


Using Social Networks for Language Practice

Robert Chartrand


Computer-Assisted Learning of Chinese Language and Culture: About the National Palace Museum Digital Archives

An-Hsuan Wu, Yu- Hsin Chang, Li-Mei Lee, Yu-Ju Lan, and Ya-Hsun Tsai


Can Instant Message Agent Enhance Foreign Language Learning?

Zhi-Hao Chang, Shun-Po Yang, Chih-Hung Lai, Jhen-Jhen Liu, Jing-San Liang, and Ai-Chun Yen


The Influences of Online Virtual situated environment to Chinese Learning Community

Joni Tzuchen Tang, Yu-Ju Lan, Yao-Ting Sung, Kuo-En Chang, Hsien-Sheng Hsiao, and Tzu-Chien Liu


Learning in Social Interaction: Two Snapshots in EFL Literature Classes

Ai Chun Yen

WS4: Human-Centered E-Learning (6 accepted papers)
# Title Authors


Answering Bee: A Pilot Study of Classroom Group Quiz Game

Ben Chang, Jui-Ting Lee, Sting Chen, and Krum Hsu


Gender Difference in Social Behavior Change on a Coop-Competition Game

Ming-Yueh Hwang, Jon-Chao Hong, Li-Chun Liu, and Wen-Ya Chang


Gender Differences in Help-Seeking and Supportive Dialogue during On-line Game Discussions

Jon-Chao Hong, Ming-Yueh Hwang, Li-Chun Liu, and Yu-Chi Peng


A Learning Style Perspective to Investigate Students' Perceptions in Choosing the Most-Beneficial Educational Systems

Han-Yu Sung, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Chun-Ming Hung, and Iwen Huang


Prior Knowledge and Cognitive Styles in Personalized Learning

Pei-Ren Huang, Li-Ping Chang, Yu-Cheng Shih, and Sherry Y. Chen


A Surrogate Competition Approach to Enhancing Student Learning

Zhi-Hong Chen, Sherry Y. Chen, and Tak-Wai Chan

WS5: Open Technology, Open Standards and Open Knowledge in ICT-Enabled Learning (6 accepted papers)
# Title Author(s)


Usability Evaluation on an Affective Mobile Platform Based on Social Computing

Chen-Syan Lyu, Meng-Shian Ou, Jua-Jun Zhung, and Hao-Chiang Koong Lin


A Designing of a Storage Sharing System for LMS using Cloud Storage: A Case Study of eDLTV

Narasak Apitiwongmanit, Neetiwit Buasroung, Pornchai Tammarrattananont, Sub Lt. Pukkapol Tantikitipisut, Thatsanee Charoenporn


An Article/Presentation Revising Support System for Transferring Laboratory Knowledge

Shinobu Hasegawa, and Kazuya Yamane


Applying an Extensible Learning Support System to Collaborative Learning Environments

Kiyoshi Nakabayashi, Yosuke Morimoto, and Kumiko Aoki


Expanding the Scope of Metadata and the Issue of Quality

Tore Hoel, and Jon Mason


The Effect of Ontological Modeling of Lesson Design: A Case Study in a Community of Teachers

Yusuke Hayashi, Toshinobu Kasai, and RiichiroMizoguchi

WS6: Technology-Transformed Learning: Going Beyond the One-to-One Model? (9 accepted papers)
# Title Author(s)


Effects of Video Caption Modes on English Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisitions Using Handheld Devices

Ching-Kun Hsu, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Yu-Tzu Chang, and Chih-Kai Chang


Teacher Attitude and Preparation for Technology Innovation: A Case Study of 1:1 Laptop Initiative

Ding Jie, and Yu Shengquan


Using Shared Display Mind Tools for Facilitating One-to-one Collaborative Learning

Chen-Wei Chung, Chih-Chung Lee, and Chen-Chung Liu


Designing with mobile technologies for enacting the learning of geometry

Hakan Sollervall, Didac Gil De La Iglesia, Marcelo Milrad, Aihui Peng, Oskar Pettersson, Sadaf Salavati, and Jane Yau


PACALL: Passive Capture for Ubiquitous Learning Log Using SenseCam

Bin Hou, Hiroaki Ogata, Toma Kunita, Mengmeng Li, Noriko Uosaki, and Yoneo Yano


Development of Personalized and Context-aware Model in Learning Log System

Mengmeng Li, Hiroaki Ogata, Bin Hou, Noriko Uosaki, and Yoneo Yano


Supporting English Course with Mobile Devices: How Can We Learn Vocabulary Seamlessly?

Noriko Uosaki, Hiroaki Ogata, Taro Sugimoto, Bin Hou, Mengmeng Li, and Yoneo Yano


Utilizing the HTML5 to Build a Classroom Response System

Yoshiyuki Tabata, Chengjiu Yin, and Amy Yu-Fen Chen


Combining Learning with Patterns and Geo-collaboration to Support Situated Learning

Nelson Balolan, Gustavo Zurita, and Marcelo Milrad

WS7: Modeling, Management and Generation of Problems/Questions in Adaptive Learning Environment (7 accepted papers)
# Title Author(s)


Predictive Effects of Online Peer-Assessment on Student Question-Generation

Fu-Yun Yu, and Chun-Ping Wu


Toward Better Collaborative Problem-Solving in Programming Learning: Use of Pair Programming and Its Observation

Yuki Hirai, and Tomoo Inoue


Experimental Study on Failures in Composing Solution Structures in Mathematical Problem Problems

Kazuaki Kojima, Kazuhisa Miwa, and Tatsunori Matsui


A Phone-based Question Management System to Facilitate Questioning and Comprehension Monitoring

Po-Yao Chao, Howe-Yii Ling, and Baw-Jhiune Liu


Stepwise Selection of English Multiple-choice Cloze Questions Based on Difficulty-based Features for Keeping Motivation

Tomoko Kojiri, Yuki Watanabe, and Toyohide Watanabe


Incorporating Framing into SQL-Tutor

Moffat Mathews, and Antonija Mitrovic


Preliminary Evaluation of an Intelligent Authoring System for 'Graph of Microworlds’

Tomoya Horiguchi, and Tsukasa Hirashima

WS8: Innovative Design of Learning Space (14 accepted papers)
# Title Author(s)


Understanding Learners’ Participative Motivation in Reading Challenge

I-Fan Liu, and Chun-Wang Wei


The Learning Effectiveness of Pervasive Game Integrated with Inquiry-Based Navigation System

Shih-Hung Hsu, Yen-Ru Shi, and Ju-Ling Shih


Caption Readability Improvement of Language Learning Videos on Mobile Devices

Ching-Kun Hsu, and Chih-Kai Chang


Employability Assessment by Establishing Employment Competence Index System According to Academic Performance

Shu-Chen Cheng, Hong-De Chang, and Hui-Ming Pan


TRIZ Internet Learning Platform Applied to University Factory Practical Training Course

S. J. Lou, C. C. Chung, W. Y. Dzan, K. H. Tseng, and R. C. Yeh


An Interactive Tool for English Reading Comprehension by Providing Questions and Hints to Student during Reading and Parsing

Chi-Te Kao, Jyh-Cheng Chang, Kuo-Chen Li, Cheng-Ting Chen, and Jia-ShengHeh


Establish the Semiconductor Communication and Control System: An Investigation on System Cognition and Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Chien-Hung Liu, and Hung-In Pan


An Innovative Activity Design for Game-Based Learning on Interactive Whiteboard Space

Chia-Ming Liu, and Pao-Ta Yu


Developing an Online Peer Assessment System of Digital Photography Course for College Students

Benjamin Jenghorng Wu, Pin-Kuan Hsieh, Yen-Ning Su, Chia-Sui Wang, and Yueh-Min Huang


Trigonica: An Interactive iOS Application for Learning Trigonometry

Pattapol Kongwattananon, Lavalin Kanjanabose, Krittaya Leelawong, and Chinda Tangwongsan


A Study of E-readers with Multimedia Annotation to Help Elementary School Students Learning with Parental Involvement

Wu-Yuin Hwang, Yi-Fan Liu, Hsin-Han Liu, and Yueh-Min Huang


A Proposal for Educational Reform in Higher Education: An Innovative Use of e-Portfolio - Showcase at Kansai University

Tosh Yamamoto, Nian-Shing Cheng, and Minoru Nakazawa


A Proposal for Educational Reform in Higher Education: An innovative use of e-Portfolio - Show case at Kanazawa Inst. of Tech.

Minoru Nakazawa


A Study on Positioning Issues in u-Learning Environments

Min Jou, Hsun-Yao Hsu, and Yi-Wen Su

WS9: Skill Analysis, Learning or Teaching of Skills, Learning Environments or Training Environments for Skills (7 accepted papers)
# Title Author(s)


Development of a Motion Visualization System with the Center of Gravity for Novice Learners

Takazumi Kawagoe, Masato Soga, and Hirokazu Taki


Integrating Electroencephalogram Analysis for Improving Mental Condition in Physical Skill Learning

Soichiro Takaiwa, Kenji Matsuura, Naka Gotoda, Hiroaki Ogata, Kazuhide Kanenishi, Hiroki Moriguchi, and Yoneo Yano


Evaluation of an E-learning System to Support Self-Learning of Nursing Skills

Yukie Majima, Masayuki Sakoda, Yasuko Maekawa, and Masato Soga


Articulation Animation Generated from Speech for Pronunciation Training

Yurie Iribe, Silasak Manosavanh, Kouichi Katsurada, Ryoko Hayashi, Chunyue Zhu, and Tsuneo Nitta


Trial Development of a Peer Evaluation System of Presentation Skills Using Web

Kazuki Harada, Miki Iwa, Miho Wadamori


Learning and Training with Force Feedback for an Acupuncture Education System

Ren Kanehira, Weiping Yang, Hirohisa Narita, and Hideo Fujimoto


Sizhi: Self-dialogue Training through Reflective Case-Writing for Medical Service Education

Wei Chen, Masaki Fujii, Liang Cui, Mitsuru Ikeda, Kazuhisa Seta, Noriyuki Matsuda

WS10: The Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Adult and Continuing Education (12 accepted papers)
# Title Author(s)


Analyzing Knowledge Construction Behavior of a Project Based Online Discussion Instructional Activity Using Facebook – An Example of Art Course of Adult and Continuing Education

Peng-Chun Lin, Huei-Tse Hou, Kuo-En Chang, and Shu-Ming Wang


The Differences on the Information Commitments toward Online Medical Information between People in the Hospital and General Public

Hung-Yuan Wang, Jyh-Chong Liang, and Szu-Hsien Wu


Evaluation of DM-Tutor, an ITS for Training on Plantation Decision Making

Sagaya Amalathas, Antonija Mitrovic, Ravan Saravanan, and David Evison


Professional Development Needs of Singaporean Teachers for the 3rd ICT Master Plan

Ong Kian Keong Aloysius, and Chai Ching Sing


Exploring College Students’ Perceptions of Classroom Learning in a Knowledge Building Environment

Kuei-Yu Lin, Huang-Yao Hong, and Ching Sing Chai


Mobile Technology and CAD Technology Integration in Teaching Architectural Design Process for Producing Creative Product

Isham Shah Hassan, Mohd Arif Ismail, and Ramlee Mustapha


Adult Learners’ Attitudes toward Web-Based Professional Development and Internet Self-Efficacy in Taiwan

Yu-Fang Yang, and Silvia Wen-Yu Lee


The Information Commitments toward Online Financial Information among Taiwanese Adults

Hung-Ming Lin, Chin-Chung Tsai, and Van-Hai Hoang


Exploring Teachers’ Concerns toward Implementing Internet-Based Learning: The Role of Internet Self-Efficacy

Tzung-Jin Lin, and Min-Hsien Lee


What Make Seniors Feel More Confident in Learning Internet and Computers? A Case Study

Yi-Chun Lin, and Ching-Ju Yang


Information Commitments and Internet Attitudes of Nutritional Science Students and In-Service Dietitians in Taiwan

Ching-Yeh Wang, and Meng-Jung Tsai


Applying Recommendation System to Facilitate Exploratory Online Learning - An Empirical Study at Graduate Level

Chia-Jung Chang, Jui-Min Tseng, and Chen-Chung Liu